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9/11: All In One Chunk

9/11 – The Basic Questions

1. Why didn’t jets intercept the airliners since they had numerous warnings of terrorist attacks?

2. Why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial airlines, citing an unidentified “threat” in July 2001?

3. Why did FEMA lie about their presence in New York on 9/11?

4. Why didn’t the Secret Service hustle Dubya out of the classroom?

5. Why did George H.W. Bush meet bin Laden’s brother on 9/11?

6. Why did passengers or crewmembers on three of the flights all use the term boxcutters?

7. Where are the flight recorders?

8. Why were the FISA warrants discontinued?

9. How did Bush see the first plane crash on live camera?

10 Why was security meeting scheduled for 9/11 cancelled by WTC management on 9/10?

11. How did they come up with the “culprits” so quickly?

12. How did they find the terrorist’s cars at the airports so quickly?

13. Why did Shrub dissolve the Bin Laden Task Force?

14. Why the strange pattern of debris from Flight 93?

15. How extensive was the relationship between the Taliban, the ISI and the CIA?

16. What exactly was the role of Henry Kissinger at UNOCAL?

17. When was it decided to cancel building a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan?

18. Why did the FBI in 1996 close the files to investigate Osama bin Laden’s relatives in Washington?

19. Why did .Bush stop inquiries into terrorist connections of the Bin Laden family in early 2001?

20. Who made the decision to have John O’Neill stop investigating Al-qeada accounts?

21. Who gave the decision to give him a security job at the World Trade Center?

22. Did John O’Neill meet anyone of the FEMA in the night of September 10th?

23. What about media reports that hijackers bought tickets for flights scheduled after Sept. 11?

24. Why did none of the 19 hijackers appear on the passenger lists?

25. Why would devout Muslims frequent bars, drink alcoholic beverages and leave their bibles?

26. Why would the hijackers use credit cards and allow drivers licenses with photos to be zeroxed?

27. Why did the hijackers force passengers to call relatives?

28. How did the hijackers change the flight plan without law enforcement or the military try to stop them?

29. How did a hijackers passport miraculously appear near the WTC? Who found it and what time?

30. How could the FBI distinguish between “regular” Muslims and hijacker Muslims on those flights?

31. Why was there not one “innocent” Muslim on board any of these flights?

32. Did someone go through the passenger lists looking for Muslim names and label them as hijackers?


33. Did the Florida police provide information that Atta was searched because of 1) an expired Visa, 2) driving a car without a license, 3) because of an incident at Miami Airport?

34. Why did Atta leave his bag at the airport and the employees didn’t put it on board?

35. Who found his bag? How can we be sure it it was his bag?

36. Why did Atta place a video “how to fly planes”, a uniform and his last will into his bag, knowing that he would commit suicide?

37. Why did Atta leave his drivers license in a rental car?

38. When did Atta train on a flight simulator?

39. Did Atta leave the US while in training and then return?

40. Why did Atta decide to study at Opa Locka, a famous hub of 6 Navy training bases and includes government partners like U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Police (Miami-Dade) Aviation Unit?

41. Why was Atta allowed to study since he was stopped by the police for driving without a license and also for violating his visa?


42. Why were the Black Boxes never recovered ?

43. Why didn’t the FBI release the air traffic controller’s protocols?

44. Why did the FBI not release the Flight Data Recorder info?


45. How did the FBI receive a tip from a passenger who boarded a different plane and reached his destination safely that he had a confrontation with two ME men at the Logan airport in Boston?

46. Who tipped the FBI to storm the Westin Hotel in Boston on September 12th?

47. Where did the photos of all 19 hijackers come from?

48. How were all hijackers identified just 2 days after the attack?

9/11 Related WRH Articles
Rahm Emmanuel, former Clinton adviser, current congressman from Illinois, staunch supporter of Israel, and suspected by many of being “Mega”, the Mossad mole in the Clinton White House, has a brother, Ari Emmanuel, who just happens to be Michael Moore’s agent.

Questions for Michael Moore
“Fahrenheit 9/11” is a powerful antiwar statement and needs to be supported for that reason. However, I would like to ask Michael Moore a few questions regarding his implication that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11.

* The Part of the Story Michael Moore Missed
Let’s take a look at the idea of Saudi Arabia as the perpetrator of 9-11. Why would they do it? What would they gain?

9/11 – A Moment of Reflection
Written shortly after the attacks.

World Trade Center Attack: Unanswered Questions
My take? Americans are not very bright. Americans don’t think. They accept what they are told. They don’t TEST what they are told.

President Bush’s Visit to Booker Elementary School on 9/11
Why was Bush allowed to attend the school? Why did he lie about seeing the first WTC impact at the school? Why did he stay in the school after being told of the second WTC impact? The video of his visit provides some answers.

The WTC Collapses – An Audio/Video Analysis
Where were the infernos? Why did people including firefighters report explosions before the WTC collapses? Why did the ground shake before the collapse of WTC 1? Why did the collapse of WTC 1 start from above the aircraft impact level? WTC 7 may provide some answers.

* The 1993 WTC bombing was allowed to happen
Law-enforcement officials knew terrorists were building a bomb to blow up the WTC, and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives. An informer was to have helped build the bomb and supply fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor.
* The Oklahoma City Bombing
A trial run for 9/11?

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9/11
Why was a Mossad surveillance team dancing with joy as the WTC burned? Why did bomb sniffing dogs react to their van when they were arrested? Why was another Israeli van ‘packed with tonnes of explosives’ stopped in New York on 9/11? Why were these men merely deported? Why did one of the men arrested say on his return home ‘Our purpose was to document the event’?

* Urban Moving Systems and Detained Israelis
Inspection of the tractor-trailer’s contents revealed a load three-quarters full containing household items, including furniture and boxes. Among the items in the truck was a Sony video camera. Plymouth Police Officer David McCann reviewed the tape found inside the camera. The tape had video footage of Chicago with zoomed-in shots of the Sears Tower, according to police.
* FBI Fury As Men With Nuke Plans, Valid Israeli Passports Escape
The men were searched and questioned and the state officers discovered detailed plans and photographs of a nuclear power plant in Florida, along with box cutters-the weapons used in the September 11 attacks- and other equipment. The men, who appeared to be of Middle Eastern origin and held Israeli passports, were then interviewed by immigration officials.
* The Israeli Spy Ring
“Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.” — US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9/11.
* Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty
Evidence that Israel has previously attacked Americans with impunity.

At Least 7 of the 9/11 Hijackers are Still Alive
The FBI says there is no evidence to link the alleged 9/11 hijackers to the hijackings, so who really flew the planes?

* The Fatal Flaw in the 9/11 Coverup
After two and half years, with the whole world knowing that eight of the 19 names on the hijacker list are fraudulent, the FBI has made no attempt to substitute new names. And why is that? Because the identities of the hijackers were constructed with mostly stolen papers, for some of the patsies designed to take the heat. In any case, and whoever they were, there is no evidence they ever got on the planes.
* Flight 77 Hijacker Hani Hanjour: 9/11 Pilot Extraordinaire
How did Hani Hanjour, a pilot who could barely fly a Cessna, handle a Boeing 757 with the expertise of a fighter pilot?

“Project Achilles” Finds 9/11 Cellphone Calls ‘Impossible’
Reports of cellphone calls from terrified passengers and crew members were a crucial element of the ‘official version’ of the events of ‘9/11’, as they corroborated claims that all four planes were hijacked by Arab terrorists. If, as experiments indicate, the cellphone calls were not possible, the entire ‘official version’ of events is open to question.

The 9/11 USAF Stand Down
What happened to the USAF on 9/11?

* The Smoke and Explosion on Flight 93
A passenger reports hearing an explosion and seeing white smoke in the cabin of the aircraft while it is still flying. This directly contradicts the official story of the crash.

The 9/11 Hijackings – An Inside Job?
Marvin Bush was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport. All 9/11 airports were serviced by one Israeli company.

* The Pre-9/11 Shut Down of Arab Muslim Web Sites
If you are going to frame someone, you have to make certain they cannot speak in their own defense.
* 9/11 – Pure Coincidences?
* FEMA were in New York the Night Before 9/11
An internet rumor has been validated by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, so why did FEMA deny being in New York prior to 9/11?
* Foreign Currency Traders Profit from the WTC Collapses
Shortly before fleeing the World Trade Center on September 11th, foreign currency managers of First Equity Enterprises made themselves richer by 100 million dollars.
* 9/11 Inside Trades Lead to the CIA
One wonders how much damning evidence is necessary to respond to what is now irrefutable proof that CIA knew about the attacks and did not stop them. Whatever our government is doing, whatever the CIA is doing, it is clearly NOT in the interests of the American people, especially those who died on September 11.

9/11 – What did the government know, and when did it know it?
Bush and company are struggling to reaffirm the official story, that the US was caught by surprise, and the same Air Force that was able to intercept Payne Stewart’s plane just couldn’t get off the ground while four hijacked planes wandered out to Ohio before heading back to hit their targets on the East Coast, and all this was the work of a tiny group of Arab fanatics. If you believe that, I have a watch to sell you.

The Complete 9/11 Timeline
Like his father, Bush tries to keep a daily diary of his thoughts and observations. That night, he dictated:

“The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today.” [Washington Post]

* Pearl Harbor – The Mother of all Conspiracies
“…everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States…”

9/11 and Anthrax: Framing Arabs
The letters with the Anthrax came from inside the United States. Congress got their Anthrax letters just in time for the vote on the disingenuously named USA Patriot Act (aka the anti-terror bill) which the terrorized Senators voted into law without bothering to read. How convenient for the bill’s sponsors that there was a terror attack on the Congress just when Congress was about to vote on the anti-terror bill.

* The Hidden Anthrax Suspect
Documents from the inquiry show that one unauthorized person who was observed entering the lab building at night was Langford’s predecessor, Lt. Col. Philip Zack, who at the time no longer worked at Fort Detrick. A surveillance camera recorded Zack being let in at 8:40 p.m. on Jan. 23, 1992, apparently by Dr. Marian Rippy, a lab pathologist and close friend of Zack’s, according to a report filed by a security guard.
* The Great Anthrax Stock Swindle
At the time this article was written the same amount of the Anthrax treatment Cipro which sold for $20 in India sold for $690 in the US.
* The Mysterious Deaths of Top Microbiologists
What were these scientists able to do? Maybe blow the whistle if an artificially created disease was about to be used in a manner those who created it did not approve of. Regardless of the exact reason, there does seem to be a clear pattern of targeted microbiologists, and paired with it, an obvious government disinterest in the matter. I leave it to you to figure out why.

Is ‘Al Qaeda’ the Modern Incarnation of ‘Emmanuel Goldstein’?
The US government needed a new enemy. PNAC needed a new Pearl Harbor. On 9/11 they both got their wishes. Complete coincidence?

The Point of No Return
As Bush himself said, you are either with him or against him, and unless you are actively against him and his war machine, then he wins by default. Unless you stop them now, sooner or later, Bush and the NeoCons will succeed in turning this nation into the 21st century version of Nazi Germany, powered by fanatics so afraid to look in a mirror that they will inflict any pain on any people, rather than do so.
49. Why did all 19 names not appear on the passenger list 2 days after the hijacker list was released?

50. Why do none of the names appear on the passenger lists UA and AA gave to CNN?

51. How could the hijackers disable the defense systems?

52. Why did the FBI ignore Bin Laden’s family, who left the United States without further investigation?

53. What about the supposed hijackers who are still alive?

54. Was there a reason to change the list of the original 19 hijackers?

55. What happened to Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath, who have been in jail since September 2001, because of possession of box cutters on a train? Who gave the tip to arrest them?

56. Why did it take 4 months before Ramsi Binalschibhs name was mentioned, since he was a good friend of Mohammad Atta and lived in his apartment in Hamburg?

57. Why did it take 4 months until December 11 to charge Zacarias Moussaoui for the 9/11 attacks when his case was known worldwide for months, but not mentioned in the American media?

58. Whatever happened with Lotfi Raissi, who was arrested in UK for teaching the terrorist pilots?

59. What is the current status of the investigation of Mamoun Darkazanli Import-Export-Company in Hamburg and Al Taqwa Management Organisation in Lugano?

60. Why was Richard Reid able to enter the Paris airport twice and who paid for his hotel?

61. Who hired Zacarias Massoui to learn how to fly passenger jets in the United States?

62. Why did the FBI or CIA fail to interrogate him between August and December 2001?


63. Did the CIA monitor Bin Laden in 1998 with the help of 15 Afghan agents, paid $1,000/ month?

64. Where are these agents? Was Johnny “Mike” Spann one? Was John Walker Lindh one?

65. Is an Afghan agent a member of the ISI? Is an Afghan agent working for Bin Laden?

66. When was the first time Tenet mentioned the Al-Qaeda group to any member of the Senate?

67. Why did the Pentagon release a new video version or translation of the Bin Laden Home video?

68. Why it was released only 8 hours after translation by the German magazine MONITOR on December ?

69. Why were the four translators prior US-Government workers?

70. When was the Bin Laden Home Video found and who found it?

71. Who found the video if Northern Alliance and US troops had not yet arrived in Kandahar or Jahalabad?

72. Does the timestamp on the Bin Laden video indicate that it was found two weeks after it was produced?

73. Why was the public not informed who found the video and when?

74. Why according to MONITOR magazine, were the most controversial statements translated incorrectly?

75. Why was the video released?

76. Who gave the final decision to release it?

77. Why is the Bin Laden video of June 2001 in which he praised the attack, available on the Internet?

78. What about Bin Laden’s statements on Al-Jazeera in June 2001 about the bombing of USS Cole, which are similar to the statements on the November 2001 home video?

79. Why did Bin Laden state in Umman Magazine in Sept. 2001, that he was not involved in the WTC?

80. Is Bin Laden still on the payroll of the CIA or ISI?

81. Did the Bin Laden Group Inc. help build ToraBora with the CIA?

82. What was the purpose of the meeting with General Pervez Musharraf in May 2001?

83. Why was a statement released that Al-Khalifa bin Laden, who is not the mother of Bin Laden, had a telephone call with Bin Laden on September 9, rather than Alia Ghanem, his mother? Why did Alia Ghanem say she did not believe he planned the attack?


100. What happened on September 18th, when an employee of Batelle Memorial Institute was involved in a so-called anthrax hoax on that day? Was he arrested?

101. Why did the investigation of that case begin in December 2001?

102. What was in the memo of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a public health consumer advocate and author of “Death in the Air” on October 1, 2001, almost two weeks before the first anthrax letter was sent from Trenton to the American media building in Boca Raton?

103.What about his letter of Nov. 13 in which he claimed that BAYER is behind the anthrax infections?

104. Did US BioDefense laboratories send the anthrax-laced letters to get a new budget for research?

105. What about the statement of former UN-weapons inspector of Iraq, Richard Spertzel, who told ABC, “…he knows only five scientists in the USA who would be in the situation to produce such a fine, highly developed spore material”?

106. Why did it take 48 hours to inform Bob Stevens that he had anthrax?

107. Why were envelopes never found near Bob Stevens, Amelie Lundgren and Mia Nguyen?

108. How come Microsoft got a hoax anthrax letter from Malaysia on the same day that President Bush said Malaysia might be one of the next targets of the United States?

109. Why did the FBI never investigate the case Don Wiley, a Bioscientist who disappeared 11/13/01?

110. Why did the FBI begin to investigate after his body was found on December 22, 300 miles away? Was there an investigation at the military hydro plant where workers found him? Why did the media write different versions about how, when and where he was found? Why did the police report change 2 months later from suicide to an accident?

111. What was the goal of Bioport in 1997?

112.Did development of anti-anthrax vaccines begin in 1998?

113.When did Bioport decide to produce anthrax vaccines?

114. Was it before or after Sept. 1998 that Admiral Crowe was put in charge of investigations of the August 7, 1998 bombings of Embassy Nairobi and Embassy Dar Es Salaam?

115. Did the schedule for developing anti-anthrax vaccines begin starting in 1998?

116. When did the US Government ask Bayer for help in developing a vaccine?

117. When did Bayer start sending the vaccines to the U.S.?

118. When did Bayer double production of the vaccines?

119. Was the death of Vladimir Pasechnik investigated? He was former director of the Institute of Ultra Pure Biochemical Preparations of the Soviet bio-warfare establishment Biopreparat in November 2001?

120. How are the deaths of scientists Robert M. Schwartz, Dr. Benito Que and Set Van Nguyen explained since all occurred in the same month? Is Set van Nguyen related to the anthrax victim Mia Nguyen?

121. What about the death of Nancy Sonnenfeld (FEMA-Wife)?

122. Why was the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife examining Anthrax in August 2000?

123. Do any employees in Trenton have the same handwriting as printed on the Anthrax envelopes?

124. Is it just a coincidence that the laboratory is also based in Trenton?

125. Did the FBI ever ask Fort Detrick to examine anthrax spores?

126. What about the list of 15-20 labs (maintained by Barbara Rosenzweig) who used Fort Detrick spores?

127. Does the CIA have spores different from those at Fort Detrick?

128. Why did Tommy Thompson, The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, and other Bush cabinet members meet secretly (i.e. illegally) in Oct. 2001 with officials of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) to develop plans for their Emergency Preparedness Task Force?

129. Why did he decide on October 25, 2001 to ask Congress for another $500 million to produce Acambis’s smallpox vaccine?

130. Why did it take 4.5 hours until Jean Marie Malecki , Director Palm Beach County Health Department, picked up the phone for employees of the AMI-Building, Boca Raton. This is where editor Bob Stevens got anthrax. Why did she wait two days before she visited that building again?

131. Did Walter Gilbert, Director Myriad Genetics ever get official permission from relatives of those killed at WTC to examine their DNA?


150. Why did General Mahmud Ahmad, former head of the ISI quit his position?

151. Why did retaliation against the Taliban begin the day he stepped down?

152. Who in the ISI paid $100.000 to Mohammad Atta?

153. Why does Ahmad think that another secret service was involved in the WTC attack? Which Secret Service was he referring to? Did other ISI official’s believe that? Did officials of the CIA believe that? Did some officials of the Mossad believe that?

154. What was the purpose of Ahmad’s visit to Washington on 9/11?

155. Who told Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov to abort an air strike against Afghanistan in May 2000?

156. Did Russian intelligence notify the CIA in 2001 that 25 terrorist pilots had been training for suicide missions, as reported in the Russian press?


1. What did Kissinger mean that an “outside threat from beyond”, a “world government” and “individual rights” who are “willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted”, what you mentioned in 1991 on a Bilderberg Conference?

2. What was his role at UNOCAL?

3. What did he discuss at the Bilderberg meeting last year in May 2001?

4. What was the purpose of his meeting with Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov in July 2001?

5. Why does he write in “Toward a New Diplomacy for the 21st Century” that America doesn’t need a Foreign Policy?

6. When was the last time Henry Kissinger met US-Ambassador in Pakistan, Robert Oakley?


1. Is it true that the CIA is in possession of PROMIS software?

2. What is the purpose of PROMIS?

3. Did A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, CIA, own any stocks of United Airlines, American Airlines, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA Re (insurance) which owns 25% of American Airlines, and Munich Re.?

4. What is his connection to Alex Brown, Deutsche Bank?

5. Did he give any insider information about to George Tenet, CIA?

6. Who was the investor who purchased 2,000 UAL put options between August and September 11, 2001?

7. Did Deutsche Bank-Alex Brown own any stocks of UA, AA, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA Re (insurance) which owns 25% of American Airlines, and Munich Re?

8. What about the 2,500 UA-contracts which were “split into 500 chunks each, directing each order to different U.S. exchanges around the country simultaneously.” on August 10, 2001?

9. Did Deutsche purchase UAL options in August 2001?

10. Why did DB-AB purchase 4,744 put options on United Air Lines stock as opposed to only 396 call s on September 6-7? What was the purpose of doing that?

11. What is the connection to Wally Kromgaard?

12. Did Deutsche Bank or Wally Kromgaard purchase 4,516 put options on American Airlines as compared to 748 call options on September 10?

13. What was the reason of Mayo Shattuck III re-asssignment on September 15th?


1. When was the last time they met any representatives of the US-Government?

2. What was the purpose of these meetings?

3. Did the Taliban know Karl E. Inderfurth and State Department counterterrorism chief Michael Sheehan?

4. Do they know which US-Representative said in February 2001: “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs”?

5. When was the last time the Taliban was in touch with this representative?

6. Did Abdul Haq, the former Mujahedin leader executed Sept 2001 by the Taliban, decide in Winter 2000 to attack the Taliban?

7. Did production of opium in Afghanistan fall from 3276 tonnes in 2000 to 185 tonnes in 2001?


1. Was Global Hawk technology able to remotelycontrol unmanned planes in 1999 for 27 hours?

2. Did Northrop-Grumman use Global Hawk technology in the war in Afghanistan since October 2001?

3. What is the purpose of unmanned technology?

4. Is Northrup in contact with any engineers of Boeing?

5. Did Northrup install Global Hawk technology in a commercial airplane?


1. Did two U.S. carrier battle groups arrive in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast before 9/11?

2. Did 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation ‘Bright Star’ on 9/11? What was the purpose of both of these operations?


1. When did Tommy Franks learn that he would use Thermobarics in ToraBora?

2. Does he know if it had been tested on December 12 in Nevada?

3. Who told Franks that Bin Laden might hide in ToraBora?

4. Is the main purpose of Thermobarics to destroy buried bio and chemical stocks?

5. When was the first time Franks used Thermobarics? Was it before or after the announcement of the end of ABM Treaty on December 11?

6. When did the US decide to use B61-11, the “nuclear version” of its “conventional” BLU-113 counterpart?

7. Why has the NSA destroyed data collected on Americans or US companies since the Sept. 11 attacks?


1. Why did Clinton abort an attack on Bin Laden in October 1999?

2. Who was responsible for that operation?

3. Why was the operation put on hold?

4. Why did Musharraf halt a covert operation to attack Bin Laden in October 1999?

5. Why did the GOP in Congress stop almost every move Clinton made against terrorism? They refused to believe reports and pass necessary legislation. In 1996 Clinton proposed a very extensive anti-terrorism regulation.


1. Who hired Richard Reid to threaten a passenger plane in Paris?

2. Who did he send an email to in Pakistan?

3. Has he ever been in touch with the ISI or CIA?

4. Did he know the difference between an explosive and a detonator?

5. How many ounces did he have in his shoes?

6. What size are his shoes?

7. Who build or prepared his shoes?


1. Has John Walker Lindh ever been in touch with the CIA?

2. Did he ever work for the CIA?

3. Who arrested him in 2001?

4. Why didn’t he escape in the tumult to nearby Masar-e-Sharif?

5. Who hired his lawyer, Richard Brohanan? Who paid his lawyer?

6. Why didn’t he go to Guantanamo Bay?


1. When did Cheney stop working for Halliburton?

2. Is he still in possession of any Halliburton stock?

3. Is he still in contact with Halliburton?

4. Was Halliburton invited to an oil conference in May 2002?

5. Does Cheney know when that meeting was planned?

6. Did Cheney have influence concerning Halliburton contracts with the Pentagon?

7. What exactly did Cheney decide to do on September 11th?

8. Did he speak with an Air Force Commander or Lt. Gen. Charles F. Wald on that day?

9. When did he inform the president about the hijacked airplanes on September 11?

10. Who called the White House on September 11 at 9:30 AM about a possible threat?

11. Why was no air security at the White House or the Pentagon at 9:30 AM?

12. When and who gave the approval to evacuate the White House at 9:45 AM?

13. What was the purpose of a meeting with Indian opposition leader Sonia Gandhi in June 2001 about a multimillion-dollar debt owed to Enron from a major energy project in Indian Power Plants?

14. When was the last time Cheney spoke with anyone from ENRON?


1. What was the role of Colin Powell?

2. Who decided to give $43 million in aid to the Taliban regime in May 2001?

3. Did he know that production of opium in Afghanistan fell from 3276 tonnes in 2000 to 185 in 2001?

4. What was the purpose of his decision to treat the Taliban prisoners as War Prisoners? Is this decision in any way related to media reports 2 days earlier that Powell may have been involved in negotiations with Indian Power Plants?

5. What was the purpose of his short trip to Latin America on September 11?

6. Who decided that he fly to Latin America on that day?

7. Why would someone threaten him in Afghanistan on January 17, 2002 as Newsweek reported?

8. What was the purpose of Powell meeting with India’s foreign minister on April 6, 2001?

9. Did Enron or Cheney ask Powell to help collect a $64 million debt on an Indian plant project?


1. When was the last time George H.W. Bush traveled to South Arabia on behalf of the Carlyle Group?

2. What was the purpose of that meeting?


1. Is Thomas White still in contact with ENRON?

2. Did his contact at anytime influence his decisions?

3. Does he still own ENRON stocks?


1. Did Vreeland warn Canadian Intelligence in May 2001 about possible terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon?

2. Did he place the warning in an envelope while in prison in Toronto, Canada?

3. Where did he get his information?

4. Whom did he give the envelope to?

5. Why was he placed in jail?


1.Was the domain created on September 11th, 2000?

2. Who paid for that domain?

3. Are they also owners of Iridium Satellites?

4. When did they end contact with relatives of the Bush family?


1. When was the last time George H.W. Bush traveled to Saudi Arabia on behalf of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor in the U.S.?

2. What was the purpose of that meeting?

3. When did he resign from Carlyle Group?

4. Is he still in touch with any of their representatives?


1. Did Lander monitor a phone conversation between Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid in Dec. 2000?

2. What did Lander tell representatives of the CIA about Zacarias Moussaoui?

3. Why did he stop monitoring Djamel Beghal, member of Takfir-wal-Hijra (financed by Osama bin Laden) in August 2001?


1. Did Bin Laden in July 2001 enter an American hospital in Dubai?

2. Did he arrive on July 4, 2001 on a flight from Qetta, Pakistan to American Hospital?

3. Was he at the hospital July 4-11, 2001?

4. Did Bernard Koval, CEO of American Hospital, ever speak with Doctor Terry Callaway about that visit?

5. Why did he change his statements about this story not being true and that he “asked around”?

6. What is the difference between Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and Continuous Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis?

7. Did Koval know Larry Stevens?

8. Can Koval explain why Richard Labeviere, author of “Terror Dollars” (about illegal Al-Qaeda accounts), wrote the story about Osama Bin Laden’s kidney operation?


1. What exactly happened on September 11 and at what time was President Bush informed?

2. Why was President Bush scheduled to visit a school in Florida?

3. Who scheduled the time of the visit?

4. When exactly did Bush learn about the first crash into the WTC?

5. How could he have seen that on TV?

6. Why didn’t he interrupt his school meeting as soon as he learned of the first plane crash?

7. Did Bush ever wonder how Bin Laden was able to hear the first plane crash live on the radio?

8. Which radio station he was listening to?

9. Can Bush explain how Bin Laden’s Home Video was found only two weeks after it was produced?

10. Why did Bush decide to release Bin Laden’s Home Video?

11. What is the purpose of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC) in Fort Benning, Georgia, where terrorists have been trained for undercover agents in South America? Bush stated “if any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents, they have become outlaws and murderers themselves”. So what does he think about Fort Benning?

12. What is the role of Zalmay Khalilzad (former UNOCAL) in the National Security Council ?

13. What is the current role of Zalmay Khalilzad (former UNOCAL) in Afghanistan?

14. When was Bush’s last contact with anyone from ENRON?

15. Why was China admitted to the WTO on September 13 after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts?

16. Why did Bush postpone the release of Ronald Reagan’s records?

17. How does Bush feel about the need to investigate the CIA’s mistakes?

18. Does Bush agree with senators John McCain, Joseph I. Lieberman, Porter J. Goss, former C.I.A. clandestine case officer and a Florida Republican, Richard C. Shelby and Ron Paul, US Congressman, who want an investigation and have said “Secret government is winning out over open government”?

19. Why did Bush continue to sit in that classroom reading to children when he should have been conferring with his advisors?

20. Why did Bush say that he and Card initially thought it was an accident involving a small plane?

21. Given all the information sources available to the POTUS and his staff how could his people not have known the kind of plane involved?

22. Why didn’t they know at this point, as did the FAA and NORAD, that aircraft were hijacked? The Batallion Chief in the 9/11 video was seen and heard asking for military backup immediately after the building was hit.

23. How come the NYFD knew it was terrorism right away but the POTUS and his aides just calmly went about their business?


1. Were 25,000 British troops and the largest British Armada since the Falkland Islands War, part of Operation ‘Essential Harvest’ pre-positioned in Oman, the closest point on the Arabian Peninsula to Pakistan before September 11, 2001?

2. When did he begin to place SIS-Special Forces in Afghanistan? Why?


1. Did Gloria Irish own unit 1504 at the Delray Racquet Club, 755 Dotterel?

2. Did she rent that property to Hamza Alghamdi in August 2001?

3. Why did the media not report about a connection of the Sun-Sentinel and the hijackers?

4. Why did it first appear that the hijackers had something to do with the anthrax attacks?

5. Why has this connection or coincidence never appeared in the media again?

6. What was the connection between husband Michael Irish (SunSentinel) and Bob Stevens (who died from Anthrax)?


1. When did Vladimir Putin warn the CIA about a possible terrorist attack and what was their reaction?

2. What was the purpose of the meeting between Christina Rocca, director of Asian affairs at the State Department and the Taliban ambassador Mollah Abdul Salam Zaeef in Islamabad in August 2001?

3. Why did she oversee the delivery of Stinger missiles in the 80s to Afghan mujaheddin?

4. Did Walid Arkeh in Seminole County jail inform the FBI in August 2001 about an attack on America? What was the reaction of the FBI?

5. Why did Dr. Jeffrey Starr, U.S. department of defense, visit Tajikistan in Jan 2001?

6. When did Jean-Claude Cousseran, Director DGSE , French Secret Service inform the CIA about terrorist attacks on America? What was their reaction?

7. What does he know about the monitoring of Djamel Beghal, member of Takfir-wal-Hijra (financed by Osama bin Laden) and Kamel Daoudi? Did he ever inform the CIA about that? And when?

8. When did Italian Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini inform the CIA about a possible attack on the American president “with the use of an airplane”? What was their reaction?

9. When did President Mubarak, Egypt, inform the CIA about a possible attack on America with an “airplane stuffed with explosives”? What was their reaction?

10. When did Efraim Halevy , Director of Mossad since 1998 (unconfirmed) inform the CIA about a possible attack with “200 terrorists” on America? What was their reaction?

11. Is it true he warned Ariel Sharon not to travel to New York on September 11 to speak at a festival?

12. Did a caller to Loxley Banks, Director Radio Cayman Islands talk show, give several warnings of an imminent attack on the U.S on Sept. 3 -10?

13. The London Times reported that someone from the FAA warned Salman Rushdie not to travel to the United States on September 3rd? If this is true, who was it?

14. Did the FBI investigate the two men who met Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi in Harry’s Bar at the Helmsley Hotel in Manhattan on September 8, 2001?

15. Who does Abdullah Abdullah (Northern Alliance) believe killed Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud on September 9, 2001?

16. When and why did he decide to attack Kabul on September 11 at 5:30 PM?

17. When did he decide to invade Masar-i-Scharif

18. Did the CIA helped him provoke a tumult?

19. Did he ever meet John Walker Lindh?

20. Why was Major John Kenny, Commander Wright Patterson Air Base, Dayton placed on high alert on September 10? Did he inform companies in Dayton to shutdown their offices?

21. Why was Colonel William M. Dietrick , Commander Defense Language Institute in Garrison, Monterey on high alert on September 10?

22. Why did one of Kenneth (Ken) Weinbrecht (President SAMS ) executives say on September 10, that he was a ‘Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.'”

23. Did Jean-Louis Bruguiere, French anti-terrorism, inform the CIA on September 10 about a possible terrorist attack? If so, what was their reaction?

24. Why did Atta and hijacker Abdulaziz Alomari check into a Portland, Maine motel (unidentified) on September 10?

25. Why was the Portland, Airport, according to eye-witnesses, in full charge of more military officials and soldiers than usual, weeks before September 11, 2001?

26. Why, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported, was Mayor Brown warned to be “cautious in your travel” the night of September 10? Who warned him?

27. Why did Alex Diamandis, Odigo Vice President of Sales and Marketing, receive a warning on his messenger service about a possible attack on America on September 11, 2001? At which time?

28. When did Dr.August Hanning , President BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst Germany) inform the CIA that “Middle Eastern terrorists are ‘planning to hijack commercial aircraft ?” What was their reaction? Did he allow an Iranian prisoner in Hamburg call to the CIA in Summer 2001 about an attack on America? What was their reaction?


1. Why did Kenneth Waldie, Stanley Hall, Herbert Homer and Peter Gay of Raytheon travel on Sept. 11?

2. Can Global Hawk technology be used for at least 27 hours?

3. Is Global Hawk technology used in commercial airplanes?

4. Did Danielle O’Brien, air traffic controller, inform another air traffic control center about a plane traveling fast southwest of Dulles after spotting it 8:18 AM on September 11?

5. Who was informed and what happened?


1. Why didn’t Dr. James G. Roche, Secretary of the Air Force try to reach the airplanes in NYC (7 minutes time for McGuire AFB in New Jersey ) and at the Pentagon (10 minutes time)?

2. Did Roche ever try to shutdown the plane in Pennsylvania?

3. Can Roche explain why magazines of that plane were found 20 miles away from the crash? Andrews AFB is 13 miles away. He had one hour and fifteen minutes to respond to the plane that hit the Pentagon. What happened during that time?

4. Can he explain why many ear and eye witnesses, including workers of the road construction company New Enterprise saw or heard F-16 jets?

5. Why did President Bush say only one week later that he tried to shutdown that plane?

6. Who gave that decision?


1. Why did George Bush leave Barksdale Air Force Base aboard Air Force One and flew to an Air Force base in Nebraska on 1:48 PM on September 11 and returned to Washington at 4:30 PM?

2. What exactly did Donald Rumsfeld do that day before he arrived at the Pentagon around 3:55 PM?

3. How did Rumsfeld know at 5:30 PM on September 11 that the plane in Pennsylvania could have been headed for one of three possible targets: Camp David, the White House or the U.S. Capitol building?

4. Can he explain why early media reports told us that no squadrons of combat-ready fighter jets have been at Andrews and later changed their reports that they haven’t been on high alert only?

5. Why was Air Force Lt. Col. Vic Warzinski, another Pentagon spokesman, so sure on September 11 that aircraft was coming your way?

6. What did the D.C. Air National Guard in Washington do on September 11?

7. Can he explain what those 3 fighters did from 9:40AM until 9:55AM when they finally turned towards Flight 93 and were 60 miles out at 10:06am?

8. Can he explain why Air Traffic Controllers in a Nashua Telegraph article did report an F-16 was circling Flight 93 and was in visual range at the time of crash?

9. Can he confirm a witness report that National Guard F-16’s have been at Hancock field in Syracuse NY in the air early that morning before 9AM?

10. How could the hijackers know how to disable defense systems?

11. What was the official reason that fighters of the 305th Air Wing, McGuire Air Force Base, NJ did not intercept the 2nd hijacked plane in NYC? This would have been possible within 7 minutes after 8:48 AM.

12. Why did none of the 459th Aircraft Squadron (Andrews AFB) fighters intercept the plane which crashed into the Pentagon? Andrews AFB is 10 miles from Washington DC.

13. Col. Ken McClellan, Air Force spokesman said on September 11, that Mohammad Atta attended the International Officer’s School at Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, and was seen by eye-witnesses? What was McClellan doing there? Why did he later deny the report?

14. Why did he decide not to shutdown ECHELON base Bad Aibling in Germany as planned for 2002?

15. What is the reason that none of any Air Force fighters reached the hijacked plane in time?

16. Many ear and eye witnesses think that the plane in Pennsylvania was shot down. What is the scientific explanation why the magazine of the airplane was found many miles away?

17. Why did Jack Kelly,, inform USA Today only 12 minutes after the first crash (8:48AM), that terror groups using Web encryption may have been responsible? And why was he so sure before the second crash at 9:03 PM?

18. Did Kelly serve with the U.S. government where he managed several significant programs for the information warfare and intelligence communities?

19. Did Joseph J. Esposito, Chief of NYPD try to contact the Pentagon at 9:06 AM on September 11? What was their reaction?

20. Why didn’t General Elwood “Pete” Quesada of the FAA inform President Bush between 8:15 and 9:05 about four simultaneously hijacked planes? Who did he inform and what was their reaction?


1. What does Nicholas Scoppetta of FDNY know about the latest reports of the WTC destruction?

2. Can he explain why many witnesses saw and heard more than two explosions in the WTC?

3. Can he explain why both Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed in that way?

4. Can he explain why a gas tank was in Building 7?

5. Can he explain why there were no passengers in the subway under the WTC?

6. Can he explain why there was no guard at the gold reservoir under the WTC?

7. Why did Dr. Jeffrey P. Koplan, Director CDC prepare, as CNN reported, emergency-response teams on September 11 at 11:16 PM?


1. When did Dr.August Hanning , President BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst Germany) inform the CIA that “Middle Eastern terrorists are ‘planning to hijack commercial aircraft ?” What was their reaction? Did he allow an Iranian prisoner in Hamburg call to the CIA in Summer 2001 about an attack on America? What was their reaction?

2. When did Tayseer Allouni , Kabul correspondent Al-Jazeera, receive his first video from Bin Laden? Can he explain why the first video on October 7 2001, the day of the retaliation, looked like it was recorded in the morning?

3. Did Tom Simmons (former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia) decide or announce in a July 2001 meeting that an attack was planned on the Taliban in October 2001?

4. Why did Ms. Barbara Bodine, US ambassador to Yemen stop John O’Neill from investigating Al-Quaeda accounts in July 2001?

5. Did Niaz Niak, former Pakistani Foreign Secretary say in mid July 2001 that the USA planned military action against Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban?

6. Did Hameed Gul, retired Pakistani general of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence, say that a secret service was involved in the attack on America?

7. Why did Tommy Thompson, The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, and other Bush cabinet members meet secretly (i.e. illegally) in Oct. 2001 with officials of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) to develop plans for their Emergency Preparedness Task Force? Why did he decide on October 25, 2001 to ask Congress for another $500 million to produce Acambis’s smallpox vaccine?

8. Why did it take 4.5 hours until Jean Marie Malecki , Director Palm Beach County Health Department, picked up the phone for employees of the AMI-Building, Boca Raton. This is where editor Bob Stevens got anthrax. Why did she wait two days before she visited that building again?

9. Why did Mayor Guilani sell WTC rubble to India for recycling and also China? Who made that decision?

10. What was the purpose of U.S. Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain’s phone call on October 10, 2001 to the Pakistani oil minister? Why was she sure that a previously abandoned Unocal pipeline from Turkmenistan across Afghanistan to the Pakistani coast for the purpose of selling oil and gas to China, was back on the table in view of recent geopolitical developments?

11. What exactly was found on Z. Moussaoui’s computer after 9/11, when local agents were given a Federal Intelligence Security Act (FISA) warrant, which they had requested six weeks previously? This ties directly into the question of the administration’s dealings with the Taliban, its reluctance to investigate Saudi nationals, etc.

12. Why the attack on Cynthia McKinney for asking: 1) why has there been no investigation of the 9-11 attack? and 2) did Bush/CIA/NSA know of it beforehand, and allow it to happen?

13. Why is the Bush administration so strongly against a real investigation into the events of 9-11?

14. Why did the US give 43 million dollars to Afghanistan back in May or June of 2001

15. Why did Bush toss the Hart-Rudman terror security study (developed over a 2 year period) and instead assign responsibility to Cheney and FEMA?

16. Why did Ashcroft stops flying commercial, citing an unidentified “threat” in July 2001? Why did the FBI and Justice not identify the form, origin and time of the threat?

17. Why did Bush stay in Texas for the month of August and Cheney in Wyoming?

18. Why didn’t the Secret Service hustle Dubya out of the classroom a half-second after Andy Card told him, “Mr. pResident, the nation is under attack”?

19. Why did they leave him exposed to danger for two and a half minutes in the classroom and another half-hour in the school before he returned to the relative safety of Air Force One?

20. Where was George H. W. Bush at the time of the attacks?

21. Why did passengers or crewmembers on three of the flights tell people on the ground that the highjackers had “box cutters”?

22. Where are the flight recorders?

23. How did they find a passport that just “happens” to belong to one of the hijackers in the WTC rubble and they can’t locate even ONE flight recorder?

24. Why no investigative reporting of the Pentagon scene? The photos do not show much, but then photographers were not allowed, initially, to photograph the scene, if I remember correctly.

25. Why was the series of recommendations Al Gore also put together in 1996 on airport security called by Republican congress “paranoid” and too harsh. Why did the airline industry, lobbying against it, consider it too expensive and impractical.

26. Why was the Hart-Rudman report on the potential dangers of terrorism in the homeland. The results of the research ignored by Bush?

27. Why were FISA warrants disallowed by Bush?

28. Why did the US pull the plug on Muslim websites Monday September 10, 2001?

29. Why did the Saudi bin-Laden-group have a website with a PRE-SET expiration date of Sept. 11, 2001?

30. Why were the bin Ladens flown out of the U.S. on private jets the day after the 9/11?

31. Why did Cheney say that everyone in the White House started taking Cipro on September 12 when the first anthrax letter wasn’t postmarked until September 18?

32. Why did Bush dissolve the Bin Laden Task Force? What would have happened had this focused and knowledgeable group been in place 9 months before 911?

33. Why was metallic debris found 8 miles from the crash site of the plane that went down in Penn? They said it went straight down and left a small hole in the ground. If they found metallic debris from the plane 8 miles away it was either shot down or a bomb exploded in the plane.

34. Why did they not let the media or any reporters take video or photos of the crash site?

source :


Apa itu Illuminati?

Illuminati adalah sebuah persaudaraan kuno yang pernah ada dan diyakini masih tetap ada sampai sekarang walaupun tidak ada bukti – bukti nyata keberadaan persaudaraan ini sampai saat ini. Illuminati berarti Pencerahan Baru. Para penganut Illuminati disebut Illuminatus yang berarti Yang Tercerahkan. Illuminati sebelumnya bernama Perfectibilists didirikan oleh Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811) seorang keturunan Yahudi yang lahir dan besar di Ingolstadt, memiliki latar belakang pendidikan sebagai seorang Jesuit yang lalu menjadi seorang pendeta Katolik dan selanjutnya mengorganisasi House of Rothschild. Illuminatus adalah orang – orang yang mencari jawaban apa yang disebut agama sebagai misteri Tuhan. Menurut mereka dengan ilmu pengetahuan tidak ada lagi misteri Tuhan, semua ada jawabannya. Salah seorang Illuminatus yang terkenal adalah Galilei Galileo seorang ahli antropologi yang terpaksa harus dihukum rumah seumur hidup oleh gereja akibat membuat pernyataan bahwa pusat alam semesta yang bukan bumi adalah matahari. Pernyataan tersebut dianggap menyinggung gereja karena secara tidak langsung menyatakan bahwa Tuhan dengan sengaja menempatkan pusat kehidupan di planet lain. Sejak saat itu illuminatus diburu oleh para kaum gereja. Mereka diburu dan diberi stamp salib didada mereka baru kemudian dibunuh. Illuminati kemudian bergerak dari bawah tanah sebagai sebuah kelompok rahasia yang paling dicari oleh gereja. Para illuminatus yang melarikan diri kemudian bertemu dengan kelompok rahasia lainnya yaitu kelompok ahli batu yang bernama Freemasonry atau lebih sering disebut sebagai kelompok Mason.

Sejak bergabung dengan kelompok Freemasonry, illuminati menjadi semakin kuat karena dibantu oleh jaringan kelompok Freemasonry yang sepertinya tidak menyadari telah dijadikan alat transportasi aman oleh illuminati. Illuminati terus diburu oleh gereja. Mereka dicap sebagai penganut paham Luciferian Conspiracy. Lucifer sering dikaitkan dengan setan. Sehingga illuminati juga disebut sebagai kelompok saithan. Sebutan ini menjadi asal kata satan dalam bahasa Inggris yang berarti setan. Walaupun demikian mereka bukanlah pemuja setan, hal tersebut hanya propaganda gereja kepada Illuminati agar mereka semakin diyakini sebagai musuh masyarakat.

Sejak 1782 gerakan Illuminati menyebar dari Denmark sampai ke Portugal, bahkan lebih jauh lagi. Orang-orang Inggris yang terilluminasi bergabung dengan orang-orang Amerika membangun Loji Columbia di kota New York pada tahun yang sama. Seorang bangsawan muda Rusia, Alexander Radischev, bergabung di Leipzieg, dan menyebarkan doktrinnya ke kampung halamannya di St. Petersburg. Di Lisabon seorang penyair bernama Claudio Manuel da Costa menjadi anggota, dan ketika hijrah ke Brazil ia mendirikan sebuah cabang dengan dibantu dua orang dokter dari Ouro Preto, Domingos Vidal Barbarosa dan Jose Alvares Maciel. Pada tahun 1788 trio ini melancarkan pemberontakan Illuminati yang pertama, Inconfidencia Mineira, tetapi pemberontakan itu ditumpas ketika baru saja berputik oleh raja muda Marquis de Barbacena.

Johann Adam Weishaupt (Ingolstadt, 6 Februari 1748 – Gotha, 18 November 1830) adalah seorang Jerman, pendiri Ordo Illuminati. Walaupun dibesarkan di lingkungan Yesuit, pada akhirnya ia menyimpang dari ajaran ordo tersebut dan pada 1 Mei 1776, dengan bantuan Adolph Freiherr Knigge, ia mendirikan suatu ordo baru “Order of Perfectibilists” yang selanjutnya dikenal dengan nama Illuminati. Ordo ini memiliki misi untuk menghapuskan semua pemerintahan monarki dan agama. Adam Weishaupt adalah sosok manusia yang paling dikenal di kalangan zionis dan freemason. Tidak ada revolusi apa pun pada abad ini kecuali dihubungkan dengan nama dan cita-citanya. Revolusi Perancis, Revolusi Bolshevik Rusia; selalu berakhir pada mata rantai pemikiran dan strategi brilian dari pemikirannya.

Pada awalnya, dia adalah seorang pastor Katolik yang kemudian membelot menjadi pelopor yang paling gigih dalam menentang agama Kristen serta agama lainnya. Gerakan rahasia Iluminati berkembang dengan jaringan yang “menggurita” dikarenakan dukungan dari keluarga Rothchild. Meyer Amschel Rothchild (1743-1812) merupakan tokoh perbankan yang sangat dominan di Jerman dan disebut sebagai dinasti, karena keturunannya memegang jaringan kerajaan dunia perbankan di Eropa dengan ambisi- ambisinya untuk menguasai perekonomian dunia. Salah satu ucapan Rothchild yang terkenal adalah:

“Beri aku kesempatan untuk mengendalikan ekonomi suatu bangsa, dan aku tidak akan pedulikan siapa yang berkuasa (give me control over a nations economic, and I don’t care who writes its laws).”

Motto Rothchild ini memberikan kekuatan serta dorongan seluruh anggota Iluminati untuk tidak melewatkan segala aspek yang menggiring mereka pada diktator ekonomi yang mampu menguasai dan mengendalikan pemerintahan di pelosok dunia. Bahkan, salah satu Presiden Amerika ke-20, yaitu [[James Abram Garfield]] yang juga anggota Iluminati berkata:

“Barangsiapa mengendalikan uang atau perekonomian suatu bangsa, maka ia akan menguasai bangsa tersebut (whomever that control the money or economic of nation, they would control the nation too).”

Adam Weishaupt juga seorang Jesuit, profesor di bidang hukum dan mengajar di Universitas Ingoldstadt, Bavaria, Jerman, sampai tahun 1770. Kekecewaan dirinya terhadap dogma-dogma Kristen Katolik menyebabkan dirinya keluar dari jabatannya sebagai pastor dan mulai mengabdikan diri pada gerakan zionis untuk mendirikan satu pemerintahan dunia (one world government) yang dipercaya akan menegakkan martabat manusia dengan menghapuskan agama di muka bumi, kecuali paham setan (abolition of all religion, except satanism).

Jabatannya sebagai pastor dan Jesuit ditinggalkannya karena merasa bertentangan dengan pemikirannya yang bersifat kosmopolitan dan universalitas. Hal ini merupakan awal dari terbentuknya ordo Iluminasi. Dikatakan oleh Albert G. Mackey:

“Weishaupt yang berpandangan kosmopolitan yang mengetahui ajaran tahayul para pastor yang sewenang-wenang di bidang hukum, telah mendirikan partai oposisi di Universitas. Ini adalah awal rencana Iluminasi atau ‘penerangan’. (Weishaupt whose views were cosmopolitan and who new condemned the bigotry and supertision of the priest, established opposing party in the university. This is the beginning of the order of Illuminati or the enlightened).”

Setelah keluar dari gereja Katolik, gereja mengklaim dia mendirikan jaringan konspirasi baru yang disebut dengan Luciferian Conspiracy serta Gereja Setan (The Synagogue of Satan). Ditambahkan menurutnya, setan bukanlah makhluk yang hina, melainkan kekuatan yang melambangkan kejujuran, keberanian, dan kebebasan. Setan sebagai makhluk telah mendapatkan pengampunan Tuhan dan sebagai bukti penebusannya setan ingin menyelamatkan manusia. Ajaran ini ditanamkan kepada para anggota Iluminasi bahwa paham Satanism merupakan bentuk evolusi kemanusiaan, lambang kebebasan manusia, dan mencakup jaringan denyut kehidupan dunia secara global (Satanism is about the evolution of humanity and the promotion of freedom on individual and global scales). Banyak yang menganggap ini hanyalah propaganda gereja kepada kaum illuminasi

Selama lima tahun dia menyusun buku yang berjudul [[The Novus Ordo Seclorum]] yang berisi konsep-konsep, doktrin, serta teori tentang pemerintahan global. Buku tersebut selesai pada tanggal 1 Mei 1776. Sebagai penghormatan terhadap dirinya, tanggal 1 Mei dijadikan sebagai hari perayaan Komunis di seluruh dunia. Menurut Myron Pagan, langkah-langkah strategis yang ditulis Weishaupt untuk mewujudkan ambisinya tersebut antara lain, sebagai berikut.

l. Iluminasi harus menguasai para pejabat tinggi pemerintahan dari beberapa tingkatan jabatan, bila perlu dilakukan cara-cara kotor dengan menyogok, baik dengan uang maupun perempuan. (Monetary and sex bribery was to used to obtain control of men already in high places in the various levels of all governments and other field of endeavor).

2. Iluminasi melakukan perekrutan terhadap aktivis mahasiswa yang potensial, yang mempunyai bakat dan dari keturunan yang unggul untuk dilatih sebagai anggata Iluminasi yang prospektif di masa depan. (The Illuminati who were on the faculty of colleges and universities were to cultivate students processing exceptional mental ability and who belong to well-bred families with international leanings and recommend them for special training in internationalism).

3. Mereka yang sudah terperangkap dalam jaringan Iluminasi, termasuk mahasiswa yang telah dilatih dan diberikan pengetahuan khusus tentang dunia internasional, serta cita-cita Iluminasi akan dijadikannya sebagai agen Iluminasi di beberapa negara dan ditempatkan sebagai staf ahli atau spesialis yang mendampingi pejabat kunci pemerintah. (All influential people who were trapped to come under the control of Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialist).

4. Iluminasi akan menguasai seluruh saluran media massa, baik media elektronik maupun cetak, memiliki dan mengontrolnya pemerintah sedemikian rupa sebagai satu-satunya solusi sehingga mampu membentuk opini publik. (They were to obtain absolute control of the press so that all news and information could be slanted to convince the masses that a one word government is the only solution to our many and varied problems. They were also to own and control all the national radio and TV channels).

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CIA officials declare Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication – a Made in the USA production.

In the BBC’s killer documentary called “The Power of Nightmares“ top CIA officials openly admit that Al-qaeda is a total and complete fabrication, never having existed at any time. The Bush administration needed a reason that complied with the Laws so they could go after “the bad guy of their choice” namely laws that had been set in place to protect us from mobs and “criminal organizations” such as the Mafia. They paid Jamal al Fadl, hundreds of thousands of dollars to back the U.S. Government’s story of Al-qaeda, a “group” or criminal organization they could “legally” go after.

“Al Qaeda is not an organization. Al Qaeda is a way of working … but this has the hallmark of that approach.”

Al Jazeera is the largest and most controversial Arabic News Channel in the Middle East, offering news coverage 24 hours a day from around the world and focusing on the hottest regions of conflict. Founded in 1996, and based in Qatar, the Al Jazeera news network is the fastest growing network among Arab communities and Arabic speaking people around the world. It is the main propaganda news media for the US and its programming is done entirely in the US at Allied Media Corp. Every time Al Jazeera reports on a new video or audio from Al Qaeda or bin Laden which makes threats against the US the audio or video is actually made in the studios of Allied Media Corp. This is essentially the US making threats against itself. Allied Media Corp makes Al Jazeera terrorists threat videos

Every video, every audio tape of bin Laden or the phantom al Qaeda making threats against the US has been made in the USA. The studios of Allied Media Corp has been making the videos and audio tapes for the former Bush administration to further the US War of Terror and wars of aggression against its own people and other sovereign nations. The post 9/11 video tape of bin Laden supposedly confessing to carrying out the attacks against the US is a fake and the person we are suppose to believe is bin Laden is an actor. George W Bush used Allied Media Corp to create videos and audio tapes of actors portraying bin Laden and al Qaeda making threats against the US in order to influence and coerce Congress into giving him dictatorial powers and rob the US people of their civil rights and freedoms. bin Laden did not take away your freedom the Bush White House did. bin Laden did not attack the US on September 11, 2001 your own government did. bin Laden didn’t bankrupt the US your own government did – throughout history all major empires have collapsed as a result of very costly prolonged wars of aggression campaigns. bin Laden and Saddam Hussein didn’t kill over 1 million innocent Iraqi civilians your US government did – first the Clinton administration, then George W Bush and Dick Cheney’s administration and now Obama’s administration. al Qaeda is and always has been a Made in the USA terrorist organization. Terrorism is a Made in the US political agenda.

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US under Obama’s leadership creates new fake audio tape of bin Laden attacking Arab leaders – from his grave.

A new audio message the US made of deceased Osama Bin Laden accuses moderate Arab leaders of conspiring with the West against Muslims. Bin Laden, who has been America’s most wanted man since the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and who has been confirmed killed in November 2001 in Tora Bora (confirmed by former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto), also renewed his attacks on Israel in the recording from the grave.

It was a broadcast by the Qatari-based TV channel al-Jazeera which was obtained from the US propaganda film broadcast programmers for al-Jazeer – Allied Media Corp,

“It is clear that some Arab leaders have plotted with the Zionist-Crusader [Israel-Western] coalition against our people,” the US speaker on the tape says, without naming any leader.

“These are the leaders that America calls moderate.”

The US also accuses Israel of war crimes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, where it waged an offensive earlier this year, leaving some 1,300 people dead.

The US calls for a renewed jihad and urges militants to first conquer Iraq and then Jordan, which can be used as a route into the West Bank.

This US made and aired audio tape, impersonating the deceased bin Laden can only mean one thing – the US government is planning another 9/11 attack against the United States. This new audio tape also means that US president Obama has ordered that new threats be made against the US and Arab nations. This means Obama has reneged on his promise of CHANGE. Obama is continuing what George W Bush started – fear mongering to further the US agenda of terror against the US and foreign states.

Translation of bin Laden’s Funeral Article in Egyptian Paper:
al-Wafd, Wednesday, December 26, 2001 Vol 15 No 4633

News of Bin Laden’s Death and Funeral 10 days ago

Islamabad – A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama bin Laden, the chief of al-Qa’da organization, stating that bin Laden suffered serious complications in the lungs and died a natural and quiet death. The official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated to The Observer of Pakistan that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial in Tora Bora 10 days ago. He mentioned that 30 of al-Qa’da fighters attended the burial as well as members of his family and some friends from the Taleban. In the farewell ceremony to his final rest guns were fired in the air. The official stated that it is difficult to pinpoint the burial location of bin Laden because according to the Wahhabi tradition no mark is left by the grave. He stressed that it is unlikely that the American forces would ever uncover any traces of bin Laden.

The Bin Laden death report seemed to receive an echo of support from Pakistani ruler Musharraf in January of 2002.

From I think now, frankly, he is dead for the reason he is a … kidney patient,” Gen. Pervez Musharraf said on Friday in an interview with CNN.

Musharraf said Pakistan knew bin Laden took two dialysis machines into Afghanistan. “One was specifically for his own personal use,” he said.

“I don’t know if he has been getting all that treatment in Afghanistan now. And the photographs that have been shown of him on television show him extremely weak. … I would give the first priority that he is dead and the second priority that he is alive somewhere in Afghanistan.”

source :


Konspirasi dalam Demokrasi dan Pemilu

…ia menciptakan berbagai bentuk partai dan organisasi yang berbakti pada Freemason Alam Semesta. Ia pun memainkan peranan yang besar di dalam pemilihan umum-pemilihan umum pada sebagian besar negara di dunia ini dengan cara-cara terselubung.

The second one, though, is made up of the happenings that are not revealed to the public. This is the world of the machinations by secret lodges and secret societies which interlink capital, politics, economy and religion. On this level nations are made, wars are instigated, presidents and leaders are put in office and, in case they don’t function, eliminated. [Jan van Helsing, SECRET SOCIETIES AND THEIR POWER IN 20th CENTURY, halaman 21]

Basically since there are only TWO possible choices in a so-called U.S. “democratic” election and since the Illuminati with their untold wealth CONTROL BOTH the Democrat and Republican parties, it really doesn’t matter who wins the election THE ILLUMINATI RULE!!! So if the Illuminati have the money and the power to “rig” every election, why would they go through so much trouble to get their CHOSEN CANDIDATE elected, since it doesn’t matter which candidate wins for the Illuminati to keep their power? Why don’t we ask them? [Michael Shore, THE ILLUMINATI ALWAYS WIN THE ‘ELECTION’,

Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to apply whenever it appears necessary with this bait of an idea to attract the masses of the people to one’s party for the purpose of crushing another who is in authority. This task is rendered easier of the opponent has himself been infected with the idea of freedom, so-called liberalism, and, for the sake of an idea, is willing to yield some of his power. It is precisely here that the triumph of our theory appears; the slackened reins of government are immediately, by the law of life, caught up and gathered together by a new hand, because the blind might of the nation cannot for one single day exist without guidance, and the new authority merely fits into the place of the old already weakened by liberalism. [Protocols of Zion, Protocols I point 6]

We shall assume to ourselves the liberal physiognomy* of all parties, of all directions, and we shall give that physiognomy a voice in orators who will speak so much that they will exhaust the patience of their hearers and produce an abhorrence of oratory. [Protocols of Zion, Protocols V point 9]

When we have accomplished our coup d’etat we shall say then to the various peoples: “Everything has gone terribly badly, all have been worn out with suffering. We are destroying the causes of your torment—nationalities, frontiers, difference of coinages. You are at liberty, of course, to pronounce sentence upon us, but can it possibly be a just one if it is confirmed by you before you make any trial of what we are offering you.” . . . Then will the mob exalt us and bear us up in their hands in a unanimous triumph of hopes and expectations. Voting, which we have made the instrument which will set us on the throne of the world by teaching even the very smallest units of members of the human race to vote by means of meetings and agreements by groups, will then have served its purposes and will play its part then for the last time by a unanimity of desire to make close acquaintance with us before condemning us. [Protocols of Zion, Protocols X point 4]

To secure this we must have everybody vote without distinction of classes and qualifications, in order to establish an absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated propertied classes. In this way, by inculcating in all a sense of self-importance, we shall destroy among the goyim the importance of the family and its educational value and remove the possibility of individual minds splitting off, for the mob, handled by us, will not let them come to the front nor even give them a hearing; it is accustomed to listen to us only who pay it for obedience and attention. In this way we shall create a blind, mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents set at its head by us as leaders of the mob. The people will submit to this regime because it will know that upon these leaders will depend its earnings, gratifications and the receipt of all kinds of benefits. [Protocols of Zion, Protocols X point 5]

In the near future we shall establish the responsibility of presidents. [Protocols of Zion, Protocols X point 11]

In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some “Panama” or other—then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honor connected with the office of president. The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands. Naturally, the authority of the presidents will then become a target for every possible form of attack, but we shall provide him with a means of self-defense in the right of an appeal to the people, for the decision of the people over the heads of their representatives, that is to say, an appeal to that some blind slave of ours—the majority of the mob. Independently of this we shall invest the president with the right of declaring a state of war. We shall justify this last right on the ground that the president as chief of the whole army of the country must have it at his disposal, in case of need for the defense of the new republican constitution, the right to defend which will belong to him as the responsible representative of this constitution. [Protocols of Zion, Protocols X point 13]

Artikel ini terbagi menjadi tiga bagian, yaitu pertama tentang demokrasi, kedua tentang pemilu, dan ketiga, tentang konspirasi dalam masalah demokrasi dan pemilu, sesuai dengan pandangan saya yang didukung berbagai referensi yang bisa mendukung saya yang mungkin bisa dibilang anti demokrasi, sedangkan untuk referensi dari pendukung demokrasi, saya anggap tak perlu. Demokrasi (yang diterapkan secara kaffah, bukan setengah-setengah) menjamin dan melindungi pilihan saya ini, tidak perlu melakukan cover both-sides untuk bersuara, karena pemilu pun tidak mensyaratkan orang yang cukup paham politik untuk memberikan suaranya. Semoga dimaklumi. Jikapun ada yang memandang saya Hipokrit karena anti demokrasi tapi bersuara dalam jaminan demokrasi, ya itu wajar-wajar saja, siapapun boleh ngomong semaunya dalam suasana yang demokratis ini.


Demokrasi katanya berasal dari bahasa Yunani Demos dan Kratos/Kratein, dan sejak SD (kalau belum diubah) selalu diberikan definisi sebagai pemerintahan dari rakyat, oleh rakyat dan untuk rakyat. Bagi yang Islam (maaf bagi yang non muslim, tapi saya menyatakan ini karena demokrasi bisa juga berarti suara mayoritas, jadi jangan tersinggung ya…), tolong cek apakah ini bukan sebuah bentuk kesesatan karena sepanjang pengetahuan saya, manusia dalam kehidupannya di dunia ini harus mengikuti perintah Alloh (dari Alloh), dengan cara yang disampaikan-Nya kepada Umat-Nya melalui Nabi-Nya (sederhananya saya sebut “oleh Alloh”), dan bertujuan untuk menggapai ridho Alloh serta dikembalikan pertanggunggjawabannya pada Alloh pada pengadilan di Yaumil Hisab nanti (sederhananya saya sebut “untuk Alloh”). Itu yang gampangnya saya pahami kenapa kita dilahirkan di dunia ini.

Demokrasi sejak lama menjadi bulan-bulanan baik orang Islam maupun orang kafir. Jika saya mengutip pendapat ulama-ulama anti demokrasi, saya agak khawatir nanti blog ini dibilang blog wahhabi, blog salaf, blog islam fundamentalis/radikal (yang sebenarnya saya pengen banget), karena itu disini saya akan menunjukkan kutipan-kutipan dari orang non-Muslim yang juga tentu saja anti demokrasi sebagai berikut: [diambil dari situs

“We are now forming a Republican form of government. Real Liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments. If we incline too much to democracy, we shall soon shoot into a monarchy, or some other form of dictatorship.”–Alexander Hamilton

…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”–James Madison, Federalist No. 10 (arguing in favor of a constitutional republic)

Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”– John Adams, 1814

The adoption of Democracy as a form of Government by all European nations is fatal to good Government, to liberty, to law and order, to respect for authority, and to religion, and must eventually produce a state of chaos from which a new world tyranny will arise.”– Duke of Northumberland, 1931

Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.”– John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

I have long been convinced that institutions purely democratic must, sooner or later, destroy liberty or civilization, or both.”– Thomas Babington Macaulay

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.”– Alexander Tytler

Democracy is a form of worship. It is the worship of jackals by jackasses.”– H.L. Mencken

It had been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience had proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.”– Alexander Hamilton

Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.”– H.L. Mencken

Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.”– Oscar Wilde

Any political party that includes the word ‘democratic’ in its name, isn’t.”– Patrick Murray

Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”– H.L. Mencken

If we advert to the nature of republican government, we shall find that the censorial power is in the people over the government, and not in the government over the people.”– James Madison

The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.”– Lord Acton

Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.”– George Bernard Shaw

All the civilizations we know have been created and directed by small intellectual aristocracies, never by people in the mass. The power of crowds is only to destroy.”– Jean de la Fontaine, Fables (1668)

If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.”– John Stuart Mill, On Liberty (1859)

It is bad to be oppressed by a minority, but it is worse to be oppressed by a majority…from the absolute will of an entire people there is no appeal, no redemption, no refuge but treason.”– Lord Acton

The people as a body cannot deliberate. Nevertheless, they will feel an irresistible impulse to act, and their resolutions will be dictated to them by their demagogues… and the violent men, who are the most forward to gratify those passions, will be their favorites. What is called the government of the people is in fact too often the arbitrary power of such men. Here, then, we have the faithful portrait of democracy.”– Fisher Ames, The Dangers of American Liberty (1805)

The tendencies of democracies are, in all things, to mediocrity, since the tastes, knowledge, and principles of the majority form the tribunal of appeal.”– James Fenimore Cooper, The American Democrat (1838)

See? Bukan cuma orang Salaf dan Wahhabi (seperti tuduhan orang-orang picik yang anti 2 kelompok itu, bahkan sering menyandingkannya dengan kelompok teroris) saja yang tidak bisa menerima demokrasi. Selain itu, demokrasi ternyata juga bukan cuma ada satu macam, tapi bermacam-macam (di buku Sejarah SD sampai SMA saya kayaknya kok belum pernah saya baca ya, hehehe… Hayo departemen pendidikan nasional, direvisi bukunya hayo…), berikut ini daftar tipe-tipe demokrasi yang terdaftar di Wikipedia sampai saya download tanggal 20 Oktober 2008 lalu:

Anticipatory democracy, which relies on some degree of disciplined and usually market-informed anticipation of the future, to guide major decisions.

Athenian democracy (sometimes called classical democracy), as originally developed in the Classical Greek city-state of Athens.

Bioregional democracy, matching geopolitical divisions to natural ecological regions.

Constitutional democracy, democracy governed by a constitution.

Defensive democracy, a situation in which a democratic society has to limit some rights and freedoms in order to protect the institutions of the democracy.

Deliberative democracy, which focuses on hearing out every policy alternative, from every direction, and providing time to research them all.

Demarchy, a form of democracy which has people randomly selected from the citizenry to either act as representatives, or to make decisions in specific areas of governance (defense, environment, etc.)

E-democracy, which comprises the use of electronic communications technologies, such as the Internet, in enhancing democratic processes within a democratic republic or representative democracy.

Emergent democracy, a social system in which blogging undermines mainstream media.

Democratic centralism, an organizational method where members of a political party discuss and debate matters of policy and direction and after the decision is made by majority vote, all members are expected to follow that decision in public.

Democratic dictatorship Also known as democratur.

Direct democracy, implementations of democracy in more pure forms; classically termed pure democracy.

Dominant-party system, a Democratic Party system where only one political party can realistically become the government, by itself or in a coalition government.

Economic democracy, a theory of democracy involving people having access to subsistence, or equity in living standards.

Grassroots democracy, a form of democracy emphasizing trust in small decentralized units at the municipal government level, possibly using urban secession to establish the formal legal authority to make decisions made at this local level binding.

Illiberal democracy, a type of representative democracy where there are no or only weak limits on the power of the elected representatives to rule as they please.

Interactive Democracy, a proposed form of democracy utilising information technology to allow citizens to propose new policies, “second” proposals and vote on the resulting laws (that are refined by Parliament) in a referendum.

Jacksonian democracy, a form of democracy popularized by President Andrew Jackson promoted the strength of the executive branch and the Presidency at the expense of Congressional power.

Jeffersonian democracy, a form of government named for American statesman Thomas Jefferson.

Liberal democracy, a form of representative democracy with protection for individual liberty and property by rule of law.

Market democracy, another name for democratic capitalism, an economic ideology based on a tripartite arrangement of a market-based economy based predominantly on economic incentives through free markets, a democratic polity and a liberal moral-cultural system which encourages pluralism.

Multiparty democracy, a two-party system requires voters to align themselves in large blocs, sometimes so large that they cannot agree on any overarching principles.

New Democracy, a Maoist concept based on Mao Zedong’s “Bloc of Four Classes” theory in post-revolutionary China.

Non-partisan democracy, a system of representative government or organization such that universal and periodic elections (by secret ballot) take place without reference to political parties.

Parliamentary democracy, a democratic system of government where the executive branch of a parliamentary government is typically a cabinet, and headed by a prime minister who is considered the head of government.

Participatory democracy, which involves consent or consensus decision making and offers greater political representation, e.g., wider control of proxies others trust them with, to those who get directly involved and actually participate.

Radical democracy, a type of democracy that focuses on the importance of nurturing and tolerating difference and dissent in decision-making processes.

Religious democracy, the values of religion play a role in the public arena in a society populated by religious people.

Republican democracy, a republic which has democracy through elected representatives

Representative democracy describes indirect democracy where sovereignty is held by the people’s representatives.

Social democracy, a political philosophy that calls upon government to be for the people. In contrast to Socialists, modern Social Democrats do not believe in nationalizing industry

Sociocracy, a democratic system of governance based on consent decision making, circle organization, and double-linked representation.

Sortition, a democratic method of choosing political and administrative officials, advocated by Aristotle, and used in classical Athens and Venice, which is based on the drawing of lots as opposed to election by vote.

Soviet democracy or Council democracy, a form of democracy where the workers of a locality elect recallable representatives into organs of power called soviets (councils.) The local soviets elect the members of regional soviets who go on to elect higher soviets.

Totalitarian democracy, a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government.

Westminster democracy, a parliamentary system of government modeled after that of the United Kingdom system.

Workplace democracy, the application of democracy to the workplace as opposed to conventional top-down management hierarchy.

See? Bukankah ini membingungkan bagi siapa saja yang mau mengaplikasikan demokrasi sebagai suatu sistem pemerintahan dalam suatu negara? Banyak hal yang harus dipertimbangkan untuk menerapkan demokrasi, 2 diantaranya yaitu: a. kita harus mempelajari semua tipe demokrasi yang ada dengan cara seksama (ingat, ini untuk diterapkan dalam suatu negara, bukan untuk bahan ujian mata pelajaran PPKN) dan dalam tempo yang sesingkat-singkatnya (ingat, negara tanpa sistem pemerintahan baku, sesingkat apapun masa vakum tersebut, sama saja dengan tidak ada negara). b. setelah memahami dengan jelas semua tipe demokrasi, saatnya memilih tipe mana yang akan diambil untuk diterapkan, dan tentunya memilih satu diantara sekian banyak pilihan bukanlah sebuah hal yang mudah.

Itu saja tentang demokrasi, sebab akan menjadi terlalu bertele-tele jika saya tuliskan semua hal yang perlu diketahui dari demokrasi, anda-anda yang mengapresiasi blog ini tentu bukan orang-orang malas yang tidak bisa mencari referensi tentang demokrasi yang umum dijual di toko-toko buku langganan anda (yang langganannya toko buku lho, kalau langganannya diskotik ya ngga ikut-ikut saya, hehe). OK, saatnya menuju bagian kedua yang tak kalah seru, pemilu.


Saya tak merasa perlu memberikan definisi pemilu karena tiap lima tahun sekali kita sudah melaksanakannya, bahkan dalam suasana penuh kebahagiaan karena berlabel pesta rakyat, haha, yang pesta siapa yang nangis siapa… Ada-ada aja istilahnya.

Langsung saja, banyak kerancuan dalam pemilu, berikut ini 15 diantaranya sebagai berikut: [diambil dari daftar isi (bukan berarti saya ngga membaca isinya lho) buku MEMBONGKAR DOSA-DOSA PEMILU: PRO KONTRA PRAKTIK PEMILU PERSPEKTIF SYARIAT ISLAM (TANWIR AL-DHULUMAT BI KASYFI MAFASID WA SYBUHAT AL-INTIKHABA) karya Abu Nasr Muhammad Al-Imam.]

1. Kerancuan pertama: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan bahwa secara umum demokrasi sesuai dengan islam

2. Kerancuan kedua: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan bahwa pemilihan umum sudah ada pada masa awal

3. Kerancuan ketiga: para pendukung pemilihan umum membolehkan mengambil sebagian aturan jahiliyah

4. Kerancuan keempat: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan bahwa pemilihan umum adalah masalah ijtihadiyah

5. Kerancuan kelima: para pendukung pemilihan umum memasukan pemilihan umum dalam kategori masalah murasalah

6. Kerancuan keenam: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan bahwa pemilu dan partai hanyalah kemasan (wadah) bukan substansi

7. Kerancuan ketujuh: para pendukung pemilu berdalalih menyatakan bahwa mereka berpartisi dalam pemilihan umum untuk kebaikan

8. Kerancuan kedelapan: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan bahwa mereka mengikuti pemilu untuk mendirikan kedaulatan Islam

9. Kerancuan kesembilan: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan bahwa pemilihan umum adalah cara menegakkan syariat secara periodik tidak langsung

10. Kerancuan kesepuluh: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan bahwa dengan pemilihan umum mereka akan meng-amandemen undang-undang sekuler menjadi undang-undang Islami

11. Kerancuan kesebelas: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan, “kami tidak akan membiarkan musuh menguasai kepemimpinan.”

12. Kerancuan keduabelas: para pendukung pemilihan umum menyatakan, “kami dipaksa mengikuti pemilu dan masuk parlemen.”

13. Kerancuan ketigabelas: para pendukung pemilu mengatakan, “partisipasi kami dalam pemilu karena alasan darurat.”
14. Kerancuan keempatbelas: para pendukung pemilu mengatakan, “kami mendukung pemilu karena pertimbangan memilih bahaya yang paling ringan.”

15. Kerancuan kelimabelas: para pendukung pemilu mengatakan bahwa pemilu telah ditiadakan oleh para ulama senior

Kemudian, amat banyak kerusakan-kerusakan yang ditimbulkan dari cara pemungutan suara, di antaranya: [diambil dari artikel berjudul SYUBHAT-SYUBHAT SEKITAR MASALAH DEMOKRASI DAN PEMUNGUTAN SUARA yang dimuat di

1. Termasuk perbuatan syirik kepada Allah.
2. Menekankan suara terbanyak.
3. Anggapan dan tuduhan bahwa dinul Islam kurang lengkap.
4. Pengabaian wala’ dan bara’.
5. Tunduk kepada Undang-Undang sekuler.
6. Mengecoh (memperdayai) orang banyak khususnya kaum Muslimin.
7. Memberikan kepada demokrasi baju syariat.
8. Termasuk membantu dan mendukung musuh musuh Islam yaitu Yahudi dan Nashrani.
9. Menyelisihi Rasulullah dalam metoda menghadapi musuh.
10. Termasuk wasilah yang diharamkan.
11. Memecah belah kesatuan umat.
12. Menghancurkan persaudaraan sesama Muslim.
13. Menumbuhkan sikap fanatisme golongan atau partai yang terkutuk.
14. Menumbuhkan pembelaan membabi buta (jahiliyah) terhadap partai-partai di golongan mereka.
15. Rekomendasi yang diberikan hanya untuk kemaslahatan golongan.
16. Janji janji tanpa realisasi dari para calon hanya untuk menyenangkan para pemilih.
17. Pemalsuan-pemalsuan dan penipuan-penipuan serta kebohongan-kebohongan hanya untuk meraup simpati massa.
18. Menyia-nyiakan waktu hanya untuk berkampanye bahkan terkadang meninggalkan kewajiban (shalat dan lain-lain).
19. Membelanjakan harta tidak pada tempat yang disyariatkan.
20. Money politics, si calon menyebarkan uang untuk mempengaruhi dan membujuk para pemilih.
21. Terperdaya dengan kuantitas tanpa kualitas.
22. Ambisi merebut kursi tanpa peduli rusaknya aqidah.
23. Memilih seorang calon tanpa memandang kelurusan aqidahnya.
24. Memilih calon tanpa perduli dengan syarat-syarat syar’i seorang pemimpin.
25. Pemakaian dalil-dalil syar’i tidak pada tempatnya, di antaranya adalah ayat-ayat syura yaitu Asy-Syura’: 46.
26.Tidak diperhatikannya syarat-syarat syar’i di dalam persaksian, sebab pemberian amanat adalah persaksian.
27. Penyamarataan yang tidak syar’i, di mana disamaratakan antara wanita dan pria, antara seorang alim dengan si jahil, antara orang-orang shalih dan orang-orang fasiq, antara Muslim dan kafir.
28. Fitnah wanita yang terdapat dalam proses pemungutan suara, di mana mereka boleh dijadikan sebagai salah satu calon! Padahal Rasulullah telah bersabda: “Tidak beruntung suatu kaum yang menyerahkan urusan mereka kepada kaum wanita”. [Hadits Riwayat Bukhari dari Abu Bakrah]
29. Mengajak manusia untuk mendatangi tempat-tempat pemalsuan.
30. Termasuk bertolong-tolongan dalam berbuat dosa dan pelanggaran.
31. Melibatkan diri dalam perkara yang sia-sia dan tidak bermanfaat.
32. Janji-janji palsu dan semu yang disebar.
33. Memberi label pada perkara-perkara yang tidak ada labelnya seperti label partai dengan partai Islam, pemilu Islami, kampanye Islami dan lain-lain.
34. Berkoalisi atau beraliansi dengan partai-partai menyimpang dan sesat hanya untuk merebut suara terbanyak.
35. Sogok-menyogok dan praktek-praktek curang lainnya yang digunakan untuk memenangkan pemungutan suara.
36. Pertumpahan darah yang kerap kali terjadi sebelum atau sesudah pemungutan suara karena memanasnya suasana pasca pemungutan suara atau karena tidak puas karena kalah atau merasa dicurangi.

Itu saja dulu sudah cukup saya kira. Sekiranya tidak menjadi terlalu panjang, tentu saya akan membahas poin-per-poin diatas. Anda bisa cari buku MEMBONGKAR DOSA-DOSA PEMILU: PRO KONTRA PRAKTIK PEMILU PERSPEKTIF SYARIAT ISLAM yang hampir mirip poin-poinnya, insyaAlloh masih mudah mencarinya, tak seperti mencari buku TAREKAT MASON BEBAS, haha. Saatnya menuju bagian ketiga, bagian yang paling saya sukai, konspirasi…


Demokrasi, sebagai sebuah sistem buatan manusia, tentu tak lepas dari vulnerabilities seperti halnya software bikinan Microsoft yang rentan dengan bug sehingga sistem keamanan situs KPU 2004 beberapa saat lalu bisa hacked and cracked oleh seorang hacker dari daerah Kebumen bernama Dani Firman Syah a.k.a Xnuxer, yang juga penulis buku TIP & TRIK COMPUTER HACKING: HACKING & CARA PENGAMANANNYA buku 1 & 2 [makanya denger nasehat Susanto alias S’to dalam bukunya SIH / SENI INTERNET HACKING: UNCENSORED terbitan Jasakom, dan buat admin situs KPU jangan terlalu arogan dong, sok-sokan bilang security-nya tak bisa ditembus. Ngga ada sistem yang benar-benar aman, sekalipun computer anda offline.]

“Gung, apa hubungannya sama hacking?” Hehe, bagus kalau ada yang menanyakan gitu. Saya baru saja menonton sebuah film documenter bagus yang berhubungan dengan hacking maupun demokrasi, yaitu HACKING DEMOCRACY, yang menunjukkan kecurangan-kecurangan yang terjadi pada pemilu di negara yang dianggap penjaga demokrasi bernama Amerika Serikat yang juga dikenal sebagai Uncle Sam (Samiri kali yaw?), atau menurut P.J. O’Rourke dalam bukunya PARLIAMENT OF WHORES: A LONE HUMORIST ATTEMPTS TO EXPLAIN THE ENTIRE U.S. GOVERNMENT disebut “Uncle Sucker”.

HACKING DEMOCRACY menceritakan bagaimana suara hasil pemilu dimanipulasi oleh hacker sehingga hasilnya – belakangan setelah dilakukan investigasi oleh seorang nenek bernama Bev Harris yang didukung kelompok aktivis dari Seattle yang dimulai dengan pertanyaan sederhana “bagaimana penghitungan suara dilakukan” – dianggap tidak valid, dan berikut ringkasannya:

Mereka memulai segalanya dari Florida dan California hingga ke Ohio dan negara bagian Washington untuk mencari kebenaran. Perjalanan ini difilmkan oleh Simon Ardizzone, Robert Cohens, dan Russell Michaels untuk membongkar sebuah sistem busuk yang dipenuhi teka-teki mengenai pegawai pemilu yang tidak kompeten, yang tidak bekerja akurat serta bagaimana mesin penghitung suara yang dapat dirancang untuk mencuri hasil suara pemilu. Harris dan para aktivis temannya [juga dibantu beberapa computer scientist] membongkar kelemahan sistem mesin penghitung suara pemilu yang diproduksi perusahaan DIEBOLD.

Mereka mencari dan meneliti lebih lanjut hingga ke kantor pengurus pemilu di Florida. Harris dan para aktivis tersebut [dibantu seorang hacker dari Finlandia] melakukan serangkaian pengetesan terhadap mesin penghitung suara yang selama ini digunakan dalam pemilu yang diklaim bebas serta aman dan terpercaya. Hasil membuktikan bahwa hasil suara dalam mesin tersebut dapat dengan mudah dicuri dan dirubah datanya sesuai dengan keinginan yang berkepentingan, hanya dengan memory card berisi script untuk kegiatan tersebut.

HACKING DEMOCRACY menunjukan dengan gamblang adanya rahasia, kroniisme, dan konspirasi terhadap pemilu yang dilakukan perperiodenya selama ini baik di Amerika dan kemungkinan besar di Negara penganut demokrasi lainya.

See? Di Amerika yang dikatakan sebagai penjaga Demokrasi dan kekritisan warganya sudah tinggi saja masih bisa terjadi kecurangan seperti itu, apalagi di satu negara yang warganya sedikit sekali membaca tapi banyak komentar, ngga usah sebut contoh ya, ntar dibilang ngga nasionalis, hahahaha. Nasionalisme lagi, emang negara adalah segala-galanya apa? Right or wrong my country, haha, untung dalam Islam diajarkan bahwa yang BENAR TETAPLAH BENAR dan yang SALAH TETAPLAH SALAH. Itukah nasionalisme anda? Apa bedanya dengan cinta buta anak ABG yang baru “kenal” cinta? Saya memang cinta Indonesia, tapi saya lebih cinta Islam dan Yang Mewahyukannya, yang mengajarkannya, serta yang membelanya, tanpa perlu harus memuja budaya Arab atau Arab secara keseluruhan, seperti yang sering dituduhkan musuh-musuh Islam, emangnya semua yang berbau Arab pasti Islam po? Baca sejarah yang kritis dong, Abu Jahal dan Abu Lahab orang mana? Pakaiannya saya yakin tak beda jauh dengan Nabi SAW karena pernah sezaman, tapi apa kita akan mengatakan dua cecunguk itu orang Islam atau Islami hanya karena mereka orang Arab? Nah, itulah jeleknya nasionalisme, ngga objektif. Ngga usah protes dan bilang saya bawa-bawa agama, ini hak saya dalam negara demokrasi, apalagi agama saya termasuk mayoritas dalam jumlah, berarti dalam konteks demokrasi harus menang dong, kecuali jika demokrasi ngga lebih dari sekedar omong kosong saja.

Saya kira cukup satu contoh saja konspirasinya, anda yang cerdas dan kreatif pasti bisa mencari contoh lain dari negara kita sendiri. Saya hanya memberikan trigger, saya tak ingin mencekoki anda dengan materi jadi yang tak perlu dikembangkan dan diriset lagi, karena Conspiratorial View of History (menurut A. Ralph Epperson dalam buku THE UNSEEN HAND yang sedang dalam proses penerjemahan untuk dicetak oleh mr Joe Jussac kedalam bahasa Indonesia) akan menjadi tak ada gunanya lagi jika saya lakukan itu. Menjadi basi seperti halnya undang-undang di sebuah negara yang katanya penjunjung demokrasi, tapi siap menindak mereka-mereka yang mempropagandakan untuk golput pada pemilu, seolah-olah golput itu bukan sebuah pilihan, tapi malah melindungi aliran-aliran sesat yang jauh lebih merusak atas nama demokrasi, standar yang aneh. Apalagi, kutipan ayat-ayat dari Protocols of Zion diatas bisa menjadi bahan dasar untuk menge-check and recheck bau konspirasinya, bukan sekedar pemanis artikel ini saja. Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat, amien. Ada kurangnya mohon maaf, ada lebihnya mohon dibagi.

*) physiognomy: (Technical) The general appearance of a person’s face [LONGMAN DICTIONARY OF CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH, halaman 1233]

Terimakasih untuk seorang sahabat yang minta untuk tidak dipublikasikan identitasnya yang sudah membantu membuatkan summary film HACKING DEMOCRACY, sekaligus mencarikan artikel-artikel yang relevan tentang demokrasi.

Untuk dek Imel dari Blog Bening Hati, ini janji saya. Saya tunggu artikel sampeyan di blog anda yang pro demokrasi, jadi bagi para pembaca yang penasaran bisa membandingkan. Artikel ini saya buat bersamaan dengan saya menulis respon untuk salah satu artikel di blog tersebut yang berjudul ISLAM BANGET! TARBIYAH BANGET! PKS BANGET!

Pada kesempatan mendatang saya insyaAlloh akan membahas masalah HAM, yang jadi satu paket dengan demokrasi.


A. Ralph Epperson, THE UNSEEN HAND
Syaikh Abu Muhammad ‘Ashim al Maqdisi, AGAMA DEMOKRASI
Syaikh Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Manshur al-‘Udaini, MEMBONGKAR KEDOK AL QARADHAWI
Dan sumber-sumber lain yang maaf saya kurang cermat dokumentasinya

Ditambahkan pada 06 Desember 2008: Kata munafik saya ganti menjadi hipokrit (lihat kata hipokrit yang berwarna merah diatas) karena koreksi dari kang Soelfan Terimakasih untuk kritiknya.



2 versi 10 program Freemasonry Internasional

A.D. El Marzdedeq dalam bukunya JARINGAN GELAP FREEMASONRY: SEJARAH DAN PERKEMBANGANNYA HINGGA KE INDONESIA halaman 77-91, dan Abdullah Pattani dalam bukunya FREEMASONRY DI ASIA TENGGARA halaman 17-19 yang dikutip oleh Ustadz Irfan S. Awwas dan Muhammad Thalib dalam buku DOKTRIN ZIONISME DAN IDIOLOGI PANCASILA: MENGUAK TABIR PEMIKIRAN POLITIK FOUNDING FATHER RI halaman 142-144, Freemasonry mempunyai 10 Program Internasional. Berikut ini saya cantumkan kedua versi Sepuluh program dari Freemasonry tersebut. Komentar dalam tanda [ ] merupakan komentar dari saya (Agung).


Program ini dalam istilah Freemasonry dinamakan Harar atau Satanim, berlambangkan gurita berkaki sepuluh ular berbisa berkepala sepuluh, dan hantu penerkam berkuku baja. Kesepuluh program tersebut yaitu:

Program Pertama

Program pertama dalam istilah Freemasonry dinamakan Takkim, yaitu:

1. Pada masa Isa a.s.

Orang-orang Yahudi dengan segala tipu daya ingin membunuh Nabi Isa a.s. diantaranya fitnahan keji “ingin menjadi Raja Yahudi”yang disampaikan pada penguasa Romawi. Tetapi Allah SWT menyelamatkan Nabi Isa a.s. dan gantinya Yudas tersalib di Golgota. Maka setelah tiadanya nabi Isa a.s., Yahudi berusaha menghancurkan ajaran [melalui Paulus dari Tarsus yang berebut pengaruh dengan Yesus dalam buku THE 100 karya Michael H. Hart yang tentu saja bukan orang Islam.] yang sudah disebarkan dengan “Takkim” yaitu:

a. Merusak ajarannya yang ada seperti menghalalkan yang halal dan sebaliknya.
b. Merusak akidah dengan doktrin Trinitas
c. Merusak Injil yang ada dengan Injil palsu
d. Saul (Paulus) dijadikan tandingan Nabi Isa a.s. [cek komentar saya sebelumnya]

2. Pada Masa Islam

a. Pada masa Rasulullah orang-orang Yahudi memupuk Munafiqin dan Muhadin. Mereka diantaranya berusaha menfitnah istri Nabi, mengacaukan ajaran Islam, memecah belah kaum Anshor dan Muhajirin.
b. Memecah belah Ali r.a dan Muawiyah r.a. sehingga Aisyah turun tangan.
c. Membuat ratusan hadist-hadist palsu, memasukkan dongeng Israiliyat merubah penafsiran Al-Quran dan sebagainya
d. Mendangkalkan aqidah umat dengan filsafat Yunani sehingga timbul aliran kerahiban, tarikat sufi, mu’tazilah dan sebagainya. Maka datanglah filsuf-filsuf Islam yang menguraikan akidah Islam dengan jalan filsafat Yunani, menuruti pikiran Aflatun (Plato), Aristun (Aristoteles) dan lainnya. [tak perlu dibahas lebih jauh, filsafat takkan ada habisnya selama orang masih punya otak. Silakan gunakan otak filsafat itu untuk berdebat di pengadilan Yaumil Hisab nanti kalau berani.]
e. Membuat lembaga pendidikan Islam yang dipimpin seorang alim didikan Freemasonry yang menafsirkan Al-Quran dan Al-Hadist dengan alam pikiran Freemasonry. [cek buku ADA PEMURTADAN DI IAIN karya Ustadz Hartono Ahmad Jaiz, pertimbangkan pengiriman dosen-dosen perguruan tinggi “Islam” ke misalnya, Universitas Leiden, McGill, Harvard, Sorbonne, dll di negeri barat lainnya untuk memperdalam ilmu “Islam” nya.]
f. Menghidupkan sunnah-sunnah jahiliah dengan alasan melestarikan adat istiadat nenek moyang. [pertimbangkan tahlilan, kenduri memperingati 40 hari, 100 hari, 1 tahun, 1000 hari, dst.]
g. Menjadikan Islam supaya tasyabbuh dengan Nasrani dan agama lain, diantaranya dengan memasukkan bentuk nyanyian Gereja ke Masjid, ulang tahun dan sebagainya [apakah memperdengarkan nasyid dalam acara-acara keagamaan di Masjid bisa dimasukkan kategori ini?]

Program Kedua

Program kedua dinamakan “Shada” dalam istilah Freemasonry berarti membentuk agama baru dan agama tandingan di seluruh dunia.

Salah satunya yaitu di India ketika Islam bangkit untuk kembali ke Al-Quran dan Hadist dan mengobarkan Jihad fisabilillah, pihak penjajah Inggris bekerja sama dengan Freemasonry mendirikan gerakan anti Jihad. Antara lain yaitu dengan menggalakkan sufi dengan perantara ulama bayaran anggota Freemasonry. Ditunjuknya seorang Freemason “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad”, ia mendakwakan dirinya sebgai Nabi akhir zaman, Budha Awatara, Krisna, dan semacamnya.

Rabithah Alam Islami yang bersidang di Makkah 14-18 Rabi’ul Awwal 1394 memutuskan bahwa Ahmadiyah itu bukan Islam dan berkaitan dengan Zionisme.

Dan kasus-kasus “aliran sesat Islam” yang beredar di Indonesia seperti sholat dua bahasa [Gimana Gus?] dan lainnya, kemungkinan besar berkaitan dengan program Freemasonry.

Program Ketiga

Program ketiga dinamakan Parokim, dalam istilah Freemasonry:

a. Membuat gerakan yang bertentangan untuk satu tujuan [cermati LSM-LSM beraliran “kiri” yang bertentangan secara ideologis dengan LSM-LSM “kanan”, mereka dapat dana gerakan dari mana]. Mengembangkan Freemasonry lokal dalam suatu negara dengan nama lokal, tetapi tiada lepas dari asas dan tujuan Freemasonry. [Pertimbangkan Opus Supremus, Rotary Club, Lions Club, JIL, dan sebagainya.]
b. Mendukung teori-teori bertentangan. [Cek kelahiran Komunisme dan Fascisme, teori linguistik Behaviourisme dan Transformative-Generative, dll]
c. Membangkitkan khurafat dan menyiarkan teori Sigmund Freud [psikologi yang dikembangkan dari naluri sex] dan Charles Darwin [evolusionisme yang banyak dibantah oleh kalangan beragama, dari Islam misalnya Harun Yahya dengan berbagai bukunya, dari Kristen misalnya Caryl Matrisciana dan Roger Oakland dengan bukunya THE EVOLUTION CONSPIRACY: REVEALING THE HIDDEN AGENDA TO DECEIVE MANKIND] sehingga antara antara Ilmu pengetahuan dan agama bersaing, kalah mengalahkan. [cek misalnya dalam novel Dan Brown, ANGELS AND DEMONS]

Program Keempat

Program keempat dinamakan Libarim, dalam istilah Freemasonry :

a. Melenyapkan etika klasik yang mengekang pergaulan muda-mudi, termasuk melalui penyebaran kebebasan seksual [See? Apakah pergaulan bebas terjadi begitu saja secara KEBETULAN, bukannya tanpa scenario?]
b. Menghapus hukum yang melarang kawin antar-agama untuk menurunkan generasi bebas agama [salah satu program JIL]
c. Pengambangan pendidikan seks di sekolah-sekolah
d. Persamaan hak antara laki-laki dan perempuan dalam hal “kedudukan waris” dan “pakaian” [salah satu program JIL]
e. Menggembalakan pemuda-pemudi ke dunia khayali, dunia musik, dan narkoba. [see? Pertimbangkan dunia keartisan.] Serta membuat bet satan (rumah setan) untuk menampung pemuda-pemudi kedalamnya. [cermati beberapa diskotik peredaran narkoba dan miras, diskotik tempat mencari mangsa untuk anggota Gereja Setan yang pernah menggegerkan Jakarta dan Manado.]
e. Mengorganisir kaum lesbian, gay, [ingat lagi insiden yang dilakukan oleh unsur mahasiswa IAIN Semarang] Lutherian serta pengakuan hak mereka dalam hukum. [cermati komentar-komentar oleh aktivis HAM yang membela mati-matian kepentingan mereka, apakah karena mereka memang ingin memanusiakan “manusia” ataukah kerena berada dalam satu team dengan kepentingan yang sejalan, atau yang lebih parah, apa karena dibayar?]

Program Kelima

Program kelima dinamakan Babill, dalam istilah Freemasonry yakni memupuk asas kebangsaan setiap bangsa dan menjaga kemurnian bangsa Yahudi. [Apakah ini sebuah peringatan atau ancaman terhadap anda yang berjiwa “nasionalis”? Apa-apa demi Negara, kapan demi Alloh atau demi Agama Islam nya? Apakah anda yang Nasionalis memahami bahwa kalian itu sedang dipecah belah? Buka mata anda, saudara-saudaraku sesama manusia…]

Program Keenam

Program Keenam ini dinamakan Onan dalam istilah Freemasonry:

a. Mengekang pertumbuhan bangsa Goyim (orang selain Yahudi) [pertimbangkan kembali program KB bagi anda umat Islam, dan ingatlah sebuah hadits yang menyuruh muslimin-muslimat untuk mempunyai keturunan yang banyak agar kelak bisa dibanggakan Nabi Muhammad diantara umat nabi-nabi yang lain. Baca sebuah buku kecil berjudul UPAYA MUSUH MENGHANCURKAN ISLAM MELALUI KELUARGA karya Sa’duddin as Sayyid Shalih untuk mengetahui busuknya program KB, termasuk hasil riset di Negara-negara barat.]
b. Menyuburkan perempuan-perempuan Yahudi menjadi peridi. [sungguh terbalik dengan Negara kita misalnya, yang begitu giat mendukung program KB.]

Program Ketujuh

Program ketujuh dinamakan protokol. Dalam istilah Freemasonry, protokol khusus untuk program bangsa Yahudi dalam Suhyuniah (zionisme) yang dimulai dengan pengantar protokol.

Isi protokol adalah tentang rencana Yahudi untuk menguasai dunia, diantaranya peghancuran ekonomi suatu negara, penghancuran moral suatu bangsa dan banyak lagi. Dengan program protokol bangsa Yahudi dapat menjadi penguasa ekonomi dunia, pengatur Politik dan penerangan dunia.

[Membahas The Protocols sangat kompleks dan tidak bisa saya berikan dalam kesempatan ini. InsyaAlloh pada lain kesempatan akan saya bahas semampu saya, amin.]

Program Kedelapan

Program kedelapan ini disebut Gorgah, dalam istilah Freemasonry :

a. Untuk merusak para pemimpin negara, ulama dan partai, mereka harus dijerumuskan dalam pasar seks dengan seribu satu jalan. Pepatah Yahudi mengatakan”jadikanlah perempuan cantik untuk alat suatu permainan siasat.” [cek kembali skandal Presiden Bill Clinton dengan Monica Lewinsky. Bagaimana dengan Gus Dur dan Ariyanti? Yahya Zaini dan Maria Eva?]
b. Membuat jerat dan jala seks bagi seseorang yang terhormat. Jika namanya disiarkan sehingga kehormatannya jatuh.
c. Menyebarkan agen Kasisah, yaitu intel Fremasonry untuk menghancurkan martabat lawan di tempat-tempat maksiat.
d. Mendirikan gedung perjudian terbesar dan modern. [Las Vegas?]
e. Melemahkan pasukan lawan dengan perempuan dan obat khusus. [Cek masalah vaksinasi yang tidak menyelesaikan masalah tapi justru mengakibatkan masalah kesehatan, atau fluoride yang tidak hanya membuat gigi kuat tapi juga membuat bodoh, menurut pakar-pakar kesehatan barat. Baca dalam misalnya, buku karya Jerry D. Gray BAYANG-BAYANG GURITA: MENGUNGKAP PERGERAKAN FREEMASON DAN ORGANISASI ANTI ISLAM DUNIA]

Program Kesembilan

Program kesembilan dinamakan Plotisme [saya lihat lebih tepat disebut floatisme, bukan plotisme.] yaitu:

a. Mendidik alim ulama Plotis yang pahamnya terapung ambang. [ustadz gaul yang ganteng, wangi, dan bersuara merdu, yang mengomentari secara positif tayangan khurafat bersampul “hidayah” apakah termasuk golongan ini?]
b. Alim ulama plotis itu disebarkan sebagai tenaga pengajar di sekolah-sekolah dan lembaga-lembaga Islam.
c. Alim ulama Plotis harus diangkat menjadi anggota kehormatan Freemasonry.

Program Kesepuluh

Program kesepuluh ini dinamakan Qornun, dalam istilah Freemasonry :

a. Orang-orang yang terpilih yang berbahaya bagi Freemasonry didukung agar menjadi kaya sehingga bergelimang harta, tetapi akhirnya diperas secara halus oleh suruhan Freemasonry
b. Memberi dana pendidikan bagi pendidikan agama dalam hal berniaga, bertani, dan sebgainya sehingga mereka sibuk dalam keduniaan. [cek Protocols of Zion]
c. Lawan-lawan Freemasonry agar terjerat riba dan bank Freemasonry
d. Menghasut dan memberi jalan dengan berbagai cara agar para pejabat bank diluar bank Yahudi melakukan korupsi sehingga bank tersebut hancur dan kelak bank itu dibantu oleh bank Freemasonry dengan ikatan yang kuat. Bank itu akan bersiri kembalio dengan tujuh puluh lima persen modal Yahudi. Kemudian pemimpin bank dan karyawan tersebut diberi ajaran Freemasonry dan menjadi anggotanya. [untuk point c. dan d., silakan dikonfirmasi dalam buku SATANIC FINANCE: TRUE CONSPIRACIES karya A. Riawan Amin.]


Freemasonry Internasional mempunyai sepuluh gagasan yang tercantum dalam buku “Siasah Freemasonry” yang diarahkan oleh Khalel ibn. Khaled pada muka 123:

1. Menghancurkan semua partai, massa yang dianggap lawan Freemasonry itu dengan: kekuasaan, pecah belah atau perebutan kursi lalu membentuk organisasi atau partai tempat berteduh Freemasonry itu atau membuatnya sebagai pelaksana ide-ide Freemasonry. [inikah demokrasi yang dibanggakan sebagian kalangan Islam sebagai jalan tengah antara sosialisme dan fascisme?]

2. Mensekulerkan pemuda-pemuda Islam sehingga pemuda-pemuda itu walaupun mengaku beragama Islam tetapi antipati terhadap Islam dan mereka menentang Islam sebagai asas dan idiologi. [simak contoh kasus penolakan RUU APP oleh sebagian umat Islam sendiri atau statement Gus Dur dalam buku GUS DUR MENGHINA AL QUR’AN karya Ustadz Hartono Ahmad Jaiz tentang pemberlakuan syari’at Islam.]

3. Dalam keagamaan Freemasonry bergerak membuat agama bauran, memplotiskan ulama-ulama, sesungguhnya Freemasonry telah berhasil membuat agama baru Bahaiyah yang didirikan seseorang Freemason Abdulbaha dan Ahmadiyah didirikan oleh seorang Freemasonry India Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, yang radikal disebut aliran Qadyani dan yang halus disebut aliran Lahore. Biaya dakwah dan tablighnya itu dari Freemasonry International melalui penguasa Inggris. Freemasonry pun mensponsori terbentuknya tarekat-tarekat Islam yang berfatwa dan bergerak sejalan dengan ajaran Freemasonry itu, dibentuknya pada tahun 1946 gerakan Quraniyah dipimpin oleh Syekh Yakub dari Palestina, segala sesuatu harus berdasar Qur’an tanpa tafsir dan semua hadits Nabi saw ditolaknya, sehingga mereka shalat dan saum hanya berdasarkan Qur’an, tidak ada raka’at dalam shalat, tidak ada bacaan tertentu dalam shalat, tidak ada adzan, iqamat dsb. Untuk menjauhkan anak-anak muda dalam memahami Qur’an dan agar anggapan kepada Qur’an hanya sebagai kesusastraan purba, diadakanlah perlombaan baca Al-Qur’an, dan si pemuda-pemudi itu mau membaca al-Qur’an dan menghafal surat-surat tertentu sekedar hanya untuk mendapatkan piala dari panitia itu. Maka sesuailah dengan ramalan Nabi saw. bahwa: … tidak tertinggal Qur’an kecuali tulisannya.

4. Mengumpulkan dana dari umat beragama untuk menghancurkan agama itu sendiri, di Turki pun pernah dipungut zakat fitrah oleh ulama su’ yang diserahkan pada pemerintah di pergunakannya untuk menindas Islam. [Apa kasus korupsi dana ONH masuk dalam kategori ini]

5. Menghancurkan yang lama dan membuat yang baru artinya segala yang dianggap kuno dibuang dan segala yang dianggap baru dibangun. [Simak pernyataan Anand Khrisna yang mengatakan manusia sekarang diperbudak dogma-dogma yang sudah usang dalam bukunya TELAGA PENCERAHAN DI TENGAH GURUN KEHIDUPAN: APRESIASI SPIRITUAL TERHADAP TAURAT, INJIL, DAN AL-QUR’AN halaman 19 yang dikomentari oleh Ustadz Hartono Ahmad Jaiz dalam bukunya TASAWUF, PLURALISME, DAN PEMURTADAN halaman 136.]

6. Membuat yayasan-yayasan dan lembaga-lembaga sosial, kursus-kursus bahasa, pengkajian ilmiah dsb. Diterbitkannya buku-buku baru. [cek Asia Foundation, Ford Foundation, dan sebagainya. Banyak buku di perpus kampus saya dulu yang berstempelkan “SUMBANGAN DARI ASIA FOUNDATION”.]

7. Menghancurkan moral lama dan membuat moral baru yang disebut “Etika Internasional”. Dalam Etika Internasional itu banyak bertentangan dengan Islam seperti dalam bertoleransi dengan agama lain, tidak membeda-bedakan agama dan sebagainya. [pluralisme lagi, capek lagi deeh…]

8. Upacara-upacara lama digali kembali dan ia dianggap untuk menyaingi agama, kesyirikan dalam segala perkara diperkuatnya. [Labuhan, larungan, selamatan, tahlilan, dan sebagainya… potong ayam untuk menempati rumah baru, menanam kepala kerbau sebelum membangun pondasi sebuah rumah, ternyata ada programmernya ya…]

9. Menyebarkan kepornoan (pornografi) dalam segala bentuk seperti melalui film, buku-buku, gambar-gambar dan sebagainya. [wah wah wah, silakan baca kembali artikel saya sebelumnya, PORNOGRAFI DAN DUNIA SELEB: FRONT KONSPIRASI YAHUDI-FREEMASONRY. Jika ada waktu akan saya update insyaAlloh.]

10. Untuk melumpuhkan generasi muda di luar orang-orang Yahudi disebarkannya segala minuman yang memabukkan, narkotika dalam segala bentuk. [pas banget, ngga usah saya komentari banyak-banyak, lihat aja program-program seperti BUSER, SERGAP, PATROLI, dan sebagainya.]

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Fakta Tersembunyi tentang UFO

By Jusuf Jussac

Apa yang anda saksikan di X-Files, ET, Independence Day, Man in Black dan film fiksi-futuristik, sesungguhnya representasi dari hal hal yang benar benar ada! Antara lain, isu UFO dan Alien-being, fenomena yang benar benar ada. Penguasa dan kalangan intelijens Amrik dan Eropa sengaja menutup rapat-rapat fakta tentang itu.

Dalihnya, antara lain, menjaga kerahasiaan transfer teknologi “alien” dari kemungkinan bocor ke pihak “lawan”; menghindari kepanikan massal warga sipil, dll. Anda dapat menyimak tentang isu isu itu di beberapa Websites, antara lain, (klik), yang mengekspos opsus rahasia penguasa/intel Amrik.

Sebagian penampakan UFO di Amrik dan Eropa, sebenarnya bagian dari “test flight” mesin terbang mutakhir Amrik, yang teknologinya diperoleh dari hasil UFO crash landing di New Mexico dll (1947, 1960-an). R&D tentang manipulasi gravitasi, SUDAH berhasil dicapai oleh IBM yang bekerjasama dengan lembaga riset senjata mutakhir angkatan bersenjata Amrik DARPA.

Begitu pula teknologi “cloaking” atau “stealth” (bodoh amat narator satu TV swasta baru, bukan METRO TV, mengu-capkan kata stealth itu “stilt”, padahal seharusnya “stelth, “e” seperti dalam “cuek”, lidah digigit). DARPA kini nyaris merampungkan teknologi gabungan stealth-holografik, menyelimuti mesin terbang – kelak mungkin juga tentaranya dan tank/pansernya serta kapal- dengan ribuan semacam transistor (atas-bawah badan “UFO” Amrik), untuk menayangkan seluruh background lanskap (gunung, awan, langit, pepohonan dll) ke bagian depan mesin terbangnya; sehingga benda itu nampak seperti lenyap dari pandangan mata kita!

Pesawat pembom/pengintai Stealth 177 kuno! “Cloaking technology” dirintis sejak 1942, dalam the “Philadelphia Experiment”. Di negara bagian New York (bukan NYC), kalau tidak salah di Staten Island, terdapat fasilitas intelijens-militer amat sangat rahasia (NSA, CIA, DIA, Airforce, dll) tempat R&D dan uji lapangan berbagai jenis teknologi super canggih, seperti “time travel”, “teleportation” (sudah berhasil diuji-coba dengan stasiun intelijens Amrik di Pine Gap, Australia!)

Mendapat bocoran dari seorang mitranya periset di stasiun yang di New York itu, seorang pakar fisika Amerika menyusup ke sana. Ia terbengong bengong menyaksikan kanguru (binatang khas Aussie) berada di lokasi super rahasia di New York itu! Itu hasil teknologi “teleportasi” materi. Demikian sangat amat dirahasiakan (dari publik, bahkan kalangan US Congress) R&D itu, termasuk “Alien technology”, seorang bekas “insider” dunia tertutup itu dibunuh setelah ia nekad membuka kerahasiaan tsb kepada publik (saya cari dulu artikel itu, nanti Insya’Alloh saya berikan teksnya di bagian lain bertanda @).

Sedangkan seorang eks Pati militer Amrik menyatakan kepada seorang Anchor TV swasta di Amrik, bahwa ia (eks Pati intelijens itu) dapat memberitahu Anchor TV itu tentang rahasia rahasia tsb, tetapi setelah itu ia harus membunuh si TV Anchor!!! Ditujukan untuk apa semua R&D super rahasia itu (bahkan tidak seluruh insider boleh mengetahuinya, kecuali pemegang akses kategori “Cosmic” dua lapis di atas Ultra Top Secret!), tidak lain adalah bagi penguasaan pamungkas atas seluruh ummat manusia dan sumber alam di bumi!

Instalasi intelijens-militar Amerik di “Area 51″ dan di Groom Lake, merupakan salah satu dari sentra R&D dan “safe house” bagi – you’d better believe it, folk mitra rahasia mereka dari …outerspace! Kerjasama sangat rahasia itu dicapai di era Presiden Truman.

Bulan lalu, Presiden Bush memutuskan meningkatkan “level” (akses) kerahasiaan atas Area 51. Penulis memaklumi, manakala sebagian besar dari pembaca tidak percaya akan semua itu. Why the hell, sebagian besar masyarakat Jawa, utamanya Wong Yogya, juga Sunda dan “Kulon” meyakini – apapun agama mereka – adanya Nyi Roro Kidul; yang bagi penulis meskipun ada per-cikan darah Mataram Solo dan Yogya, Nyai Roro Kidul tidak lebih daripada Jin jenis perempuan.

Dan, mind you folks, WAJIB hukumnya bagi Muslim mengimani hal ghaib, utamanya eksistensi para Jin sesat maupun yang soleh/soleha (diciptakanNya sebagai penghuni bumi, sebelum ummat manusia diciptakan. Baca Al-Qur’an). Tetapi itu TIDAK berarti Muslim harus menyembahnya!

Kalau anda pernah membaca buku “MIND WAR” (1980-an awal, penulis sudah membaca tammat ketika masih di Amrik), anda baru percaya bahwa CIA dan (dulu) KGB menyibukkan diri dengan perklenikan modern melibatkan super teknologi quantum dan elektronik! CIA ternyata jauh di belakang R&D KGB di bidang persantetan elektronik itu; utamanya dalam pengembangan teknologi “telekinetic power”.

Disebutkan di buku itu, dalam ekserimennya seorang pakar bayaran KGB telah berhasil membunuh seekor kambing – berjarak puluhan meter – hanya dengan sorot matanya (ilmu “netra dahana” di Kerajaan Mataram Solo dan Yogya dulu).

Beberapa “suhu” kelompok silat tenaga dalam MERPATI PUTIH (berasal murini dari Mataram, Yogya) pun mampu mematikan api lilin dari jarak 6-7 meter – hanya dengan tatapan matan mereka! Kemampuan mematahkan per daun mobil (selapis saja!), batu, pompa air dragon (lokal non-elektrik), bukan karena ayunan pukulannya; melainkan (pada tataran tertentu) pancaran tenaga dalam di telapak tangan melumerkan “massa” besi/logam sasaran. Olahragabeladiri keras Jepun, seperti Karate (Shotokan),pelakunya perlu berlatih “tameshwari” (mukulin benda-benda keras) bertahun-tahun untuk mampu memecahkan batu! Berhenti berlatih, hilang pula kemampuan itu. Lain dengan tenaga dalam murni (olah pernapasan).

Penulis, ketika masih kelas dua SLTA pernah ikut latihan Karate (dulu PORKI, bukan FORKI), belum dua tahun pun sudah mampu memecahkan satu tegel di tangan, dan 10 batu bata merah hancur semua TANPA penyangga rongga di dasarnya. Kini? Mit-amit, sudah 20 tahun tidak latihan tameshwari, mana mampu? Ditodong bandit bersenjata pisau? Lari saja ……

Lain dengan para anggota (ihwan) PPS PANCA DAYA (dulu ada Homepage di Medan), tenaga dalam TANPA Jin tidak seperti puluhan perguruan sesat di Jawa, Jabar,dll; tidak diajarkan mukulin benda benda keras dan mematikan lilin dari jarak jauh. Panca Daya dapat dilontarkan via klakson mobil, lampu mobil hanya menggunakan pikiran (telekinetik), bisa untuk mengunci rumah, barang, kendaraan dll.Bahkan “membutakan” banyak/kelompok orang (zalim/jahat)! Bedanya dengan Merpati Putih (tenaga dalam mematikan!), Panca Daya TIDAK bocor ke tangan Amrik/Eropa! Ketika penulis berpamitan Guru Besar di Parung, Maret 1993, akan tugas ke manca negara (dan mendapat mandat “Cabang” untuk mengajarkannya di manca negara), Mbah Gondo (sudah wafat tahun 2001) justru MELARANG! “Jangan, bahaya kalau dikuasai Bule!”

Anda dapat bayangkan, kalau DELTA Force atau NAVY SEAL Amrik menguasai ilmu itu? Tidak perlu menggelar Armada ke-7 untuk menaklukkan NKRI, cukup diprogram TNI tidur semua!! Dulu, 1980-an, ilmu itu eksklusif Muslim, kemudian pemeluk semua non-Muslim boleh menjadi anggota PPS Panca Daya-termasuk Buddhist WNI-Cina di Yogya, yang dihajar truk di Ring Road tidak lecet secuil pun! Motornya hancur, sebab “programnya” hanya ybs selamat. Jadi “ilmu ilmu” aneh/ghaib semacam itu, yang di NKRI harus dipelajari bertahun tahun oleh para pendekar pencak silat tenaga dalam lokal (PPS Panca Daya, Pranasakti, Bunga Karang, Tedas, SN dll. Merpati Putih bocor, sudah dipelajari orang Barat dan Amrik); oleh dinas intel CIA dan (dulu) KGB sudah berhasil diraih tanpa “puasa mutih”, hindari “ma-lima” maupun “laku” berat lainnya!

Keunggulan hi-tech dan “laku” Satanist mereka merupakan “anugerah”! Dengan memanipulasi teori “TESLA”, komunitas intelijens-militer Amrik dan Russia telah BERHASIL membuat “Scalar Weapon” (dengan nama PROJECT WOODPECKER-Agung) dan “HAARP”.

Senjata nuklir sudah usang! Sebab dengan Project Woodpecker dan HAARP, CIA/NSA dan Russia kini mampu “ngoprek oprek” cuaca di seluruh muka bumi! Mau (LAGI) membanjiri Jakarta pun, piece of cake! Mau bikin gempa bumi, tinggal pencet tombolnya di Alaska! “Sidik jari” gempa buatan itu, selalu diawali kilatan kilatan aneh (plasma) di angkasa (gempa di RRC 1976, korban sejuta lebih; Australia Utara, Bosnia, dll.). [Update terakhir, Gempa RRC lagi tahun 2008 kemarin, beberapa menit sebelum gempa terjadi langit seperti terbakar. Cek di Youtube – Agung.]

Sudah penulis singgung di NEGERI MALING, diulang sedikit saja di sini, seusai bertemu dengan Senator terkemuka di Capitol Hill, WDC; di depan staf seniornya dan saya/penulis, BJH (Habibie)mengatakan bahwa apapun yang diminta NKRI akan diberikan oleh Amrik. Cuma, dengan persyaratan: NKRI jangan coba coba “main main” dengan bom nuklir dan senjata LASER!

Why? Sebab CIA tahu kita punya potensi ke arah itu (utamanya ITB), dan – surprise – di kawasan tertentu Sulawesi terdapat sumber uranium! Selain itu, di Poso terdapat sumber melimpah BBM! No wonder, Poso diacak acak intel Amrik (baca, majalah SABILI, tetapi disanggah secara bodoh oleh seorang Pamen TNI-AD di sana), dan jangan lupa bahwa dinasti Bush adalah penguasa BBM dunia (you will read ditailnya di bagian lain artikel ini). Maka bolak-balik, neo-imperialisme Amrik dan Inggris dimotivasi oleh penguasaan atassumber BBM di seluruh dunia!

Back to film film fiksi di depan, dari mana, menurut anda, producers film fiksi-futuristik itu mendapat ide pembuatan-nya? Hasil imajinasi orang orang perfilman di Hollywood? Nope! Bukan! Industri perfilman, rekaman, media cetak dan elektronika/digital di Barat, lebih lebih Hollywood, dikuasai komunitas rahasia di atas – komunitas (top level-nya) yang punya akses kepada rahasia (level “Cosmic”) penguasa bayangan diatas.

Film-film itu sengaja dibuat, dalam rangka sedikit demi sedikit untuk mempersiapkan masyarakat dunia, pada kenyataan yang selama ini tidak terbayangkan pernah eksis! Jadi rahasia tentang UFO dan alien, sedikit demi sedikit dibuka, dipercikkan kepada masyarakat dunia via film. Masyarakat dunia dibuat terbiasakan oleh fenomena itu, yang selama ini dianggap satu dongeng futuristik; agar manakala kelak (harus) dibuka secara tuntas tidak mengalami kepanikan massal!

PS: Penulis asli, Mr. Joe Jussac telah meninggalkan sejak lama segala keilmuan yang dipaparkannya sendiri dalam tulisan ini (paragraf-paragraf yang dicetak miring dan berwarna merah diatas), dan yang terakhir ditinggalkannya baru-baru ini adalah satu ilmu tingkat tinggi yang selama 33 tahun diyakininya tidak syirik, dan berlaku di Amerika Utara dan di Afrika Timur, sehingga dijuluki mbah dukun. Alhamdulillah hidayah Alloh menjumpainya sebelum beliau menghadap-Nya, sehingga insyaAlloh dia tidak akan mengalami apa yang disebutnya DIE STUPID (seperti mayoritas “Muslim Palsu”, “Ahlul Bid’ah”, wa “Ahlul Syirik”, tukang berbantah yang selalu berdalih perbuatan mereka untuk kebaikan.)

Tulisan ini disesuaikan oleh Agung, dan disetujui secara langsung Pemuatannya serta Editingnya oleh Mr. Joe Jussac sendiri. Dipublikasikan sebagai respons atas kemunculan UFO di Dago Bandung pada Januari 2008 kemarin (Kalo ngga salah), dan gempa di China beberapa saat lalu. Video amatir kemunculan UFO tersebut bisa anda lihat di Youtube. Teks asli tulisan ini dimuat di

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